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Ellen Pompeo’s….. Trailer??

I’m sure you know Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy but do you also know her design loving, interior decorating side? Her homes have been featured in numerous home decor magazines and now, so has her trailer. The interior of Ellen’s on set trailer is so chic, bright and beautiful that you kind of forget that it’s a trailer. Perfect makeover! See all the before and after pics via Domaine.
(all photos from Domaine)

The Home of Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery

Give Ellen Pompeo and Martyn Lawrence Bullard a beautiful 1930’s Los Angeles house to makeover and the result will be amazing! Pompeo and Bullard took this home, that had lost a bit of it’s originality and history over the years and gave it all back with a modern update. Each room feels relaxed but energetic and everything is spectacularly put together. Just beautiful.
(all photos from Architectural Digest)