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Justin Timberlake…… Home Goods Designer???

Yes, yes, it’s true! Justin Timberlake and longtime friend/interior designer, Estee Stanley, have worked together to design a line of home goods and art that will be available via HomeMint, in May. Elle Decor interviewed both Justin and Estee and shared photos of a few pieces from their collection. Notice the blue and white?? I told you it was a trend right now! Check it out!
(photos from Elle Decor)

Estee and Justin

Louboutin’s Retreat!

I came across Christian Louboutin‘s Egyptian getaway via Elle Decor. This retreat is not at all what you would expect from the man behind the glitzy, glamorous stilettos we see everywhere but this is where he goes to unwind, to think, to create. It is very minimally furnished and I can feel the peace from the photos. Deep breath, relax.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

The man himself.

Stark House!

Whenever I do these different blog posts, I come across the Stark name often. Stark rugs, carpets, fabrics etc. are extremely popular in the interior design world. The home in this post belongs to Ashley Stark (creative director for Stark) and I love it so. I love that each room has it’s own look. I love that she is not afraid to use color and prints. I love that she uses big, statement pieces. I just love it.
(photos from Elle Decor)

 The living room is beautifully arranged with lots of seating.
 Love the sea urchin light fixture in the dining room!
 The vintage Newell table in the foyer is so beautiful! And of course there’s a great rug in there!
 I love that she kept the kitchen all white and stainless steel.
 LOVE the vintage hand chairs and dark walls in the den!
 The Tiffany blue walls are perfect with the mirrored and clear pieces in the dressing room.
 That light fixture and headboard in the bedroom! Love, love.

I Heart This Brownstone!

I am completely in love with this house. The design of Cristina Azario‘s townhouse is beautiful with the big windows and long walls of bookshelves and cabinets but the classic yet eclectic furniture mix is what really brings it all together. Just gorgeous. 
(all photos from Elle Decor)

 Oh my gosh. This space makes me so happy. I LOVE the wall of bookshelves, all the light streaming in the giant windows, the chairs from Brazil and the rugs from Turkey. Love.

 The Kilim-covered chairs in the same space as the beautiful white sofa…. love.

 This is one of my favorite kitchens ever! So much space, natural light, dark wood floors and I love that the stairs throw a nice angle in there.

 Ahhhh! A double-decker terrace! Yes!

 Homeowner, Cristina Azario, is a linens designer and she designed the room changing, hemp-covered headboard and linen bedding. Beautiful!

Such a dreamy bathroom. I would add a chandelier in here. : )

Christian Lacroix….. Furniture!

Elle Decor always has the best stuff. I found their article about Christian Lacroix’s new furniture collection (for Sicis) and wanted to share.

 Mr. Lacroix with some pieces from his collection.
 Jeanna Daybed
 Antonine Chair
This sketch will one day be a carpet for France’s National Stage Costume Center.
 Julien l’Argentier Sofa
 More fabulous pieces from the collection.

Courteney Cox’s Malibu House!

This beautiful Malibu home belongs to my favorite “Friend”, Courteney Cox. I love the white walls with all the grey furniture and accent pieces; the interior has a very classic but modern look to it.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Love the multiple shades of grey! 

 The antique-y barstools in the kitchen add a warm touch.

I adore the pendant lamps in the master bath!

I love fantastic outdoor spaces!

 This kitchen is in the screening house that is also on the property. The windows on the right open to the outside seating area.

 This is such a fun idea! It’s part food truck, part sidewalk eatery but all at home. Love it.

Wall, Paper, Stickers!

Okay, I know that I did a post about the Frames Wallpaper earlier this week but when I saw this wallpaper I HAD to post about it too!! These wall coverings are created by artist, Payton Cosell Turner and she uses stickers to make them. YES, stickers! Every bit of design that you see on the wallpaper is created by thousands of stickers. She uses any sticker that strikes her fancy whether it’s tiger stickers or pizza slice stickers or flower stickers… she uses them all! The best thing about this idea of hers is that it’s something any of us can do too!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Yep, thousands of stickers! Looks amazing, right?!

Closer view of the wallpaper. I see flowers, bears, pizzas, blue ribbons and so much more.

The lady behind (or in this picture, in front of) the wallpaper, Payton Cosell Turner.