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Hampton Home of Katie Lee

You probably know Katie Lee from the Food Network and her fabulous cookbooks. If you have never seen her homes, you are missing out on some classic and beautiful design. Domino recently featured Katie’s Hampton home and there are a lot of special things going on in it! Katie worked with Nate Berkus to mix fantastic textiles, unique accents and timeless pieces to create a homey yet elegant abode.
(all photos from Domino)


I love it when chandeliers are put in unconventional places, like hanging from a tree branch at an outdoor party or in a bathroom. It makes them that much more interesting to look at because they don’t really belong, but they look good.

A giant chandelier in the middle of a small kitchen? Why not? I love the way the white pops against a black wall.

Not a chandelier, true, but the idea is fantastic.

What a cool place to stick a chandelier, and much more interesting that two lamps.

Bathing is way more fun with pretty lighting.

This one is my favorite. A green backyard, cool weather, and a shimmery chandelier. Perfection.
All photos are from Domino.

Art Education: Working with Patterns

Part of what I love about wallpaper is that it can negate the need for art. It can be visually dynamic enough to run the whole show. That said, some well=placed clusters of art on a busy, patterned wall can look fantastic.

It’s important to start with a strong base. In the photo above, the black-framed pieces provide a base on which the other pieces can build.

The pattern of the wallpaper is also important. All of these are relatively small prints. Small frames would get lost in a larger print.

I think the most important factor is unity. There has to be some unifying characteristic in the art. This is perfect, because the frames are all the same and the color red unites the entire room.

I also like how the placement of the art seems intentional, but also somewhat random. They aren’t placed in a perfect square or rectangle. Some stick out at the bottom and some are placed farther apart that others. In this photo, it even seems to incorporate the sconce and the intercom.
The first photo is via Vogue, and the rest are via Domino.


I suppose I’m slightly biased. I even like to say the word chartreuse. It rolls off the tongue so nicely. Chartreuse.
It’s a good thing the color itself can back up all the hype I’m giving it. It’s punchy yellow with an undertone of green. Sounds like a winning combination to me. Perhaps you should try some on this summer…

I like the unexpected pop of chartreuse behind the striped pillows. Loverly! Photo via Domino (r.i.p.).

I kind of want to buy this clock. I’m trying to resist the urge! Innermost Eclipse Clock, $184 @ High Fashion Home.

The company is my new obsession. There will be further posts on Casamidy, but for now, you can enjoy the Almidi Arch Table. It can be painted in any Benjamin Moore color!

I fell in love with this Rory Beca top that I found in Lucky. So swingy and airy for a summer night out.

Beachside sexy. via ShopBop.

I really wish I had a pair of chartreuse heels. It would perk up my outfits oh-so-much! Photo via Coco+Kelley.

Got Storage?

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of, for lack of a better term, crap hanging around. This is probably the chief complaint my husband has with our small, one-bedroom apartment. I have too much stuff and not enough places to hide it all. That’s why I find myself dreaming of these cabinets that I pulled from an issue of Domino…

Literally, a place for everything! Store the kids’ stuff on the lower shelves. Leave some door-less to display your good-lookin’ books and knick-knacks. Then, when the threat of visitors looms, hide it all behind closed doors. I think my favorite thing about this is that the family made this themselves! Now, that’s impressive. I’ll be sure to add this to the honey-do list…

Open Sesame!

I was totally inspired by this page from Traditional Home! My main complaint about my small apartment is that it literally has no entryway of which to speak. Insanity, I tell you! Someday, I’ll get my hands on a spacious entryway and jazz it up my way. My first step will be to wallpaper it in a vivacious, colorful print!

This one feels very gardenish to me, but not quite in the literal sense. The walls are floral, yes, but the legs on the table add an organic, surreal quality. From House Beautiful.

I just noticed that the wallpaper picks up the teal tile below. What a prime example of exploding pattern into a small space. From Domino: The Book of Decorating.

How hard is it to pull off neon wallpaper in a home? I don’t really know. But this works. All subsequent photos from Domino.

Compared to some of these entryways, this one almost seems tame, but there’s just enough pattern to not make it just another house.

I love the very thrown together quality of this. The geometric paper is very precise and linear, while to stacks of magazines muss it up just enough.

I would use elements of this in my own decorating, like the shabby chair. It’s a very rustic, eclectic look.

I love that she used the pattern on three walls instead of the usual two. I really grabs your attention!

And then you see this and it commands your attention! Although this feels a bit clubby to me, it is a very cool look and the other elements in the room are subdued enough to keep it from going off the deep end.

This one is so sweet and serene. The pattern isn’t overwhelming, keeping the spaces light and airy, but saving it from being blah.