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Doe Bay Cabin in Washington!

Who wouldn’t want a peaceful, lovely cabin on Orcas Island in Washington? The Doe Bay Cabin, by Heliotrope Architects, looks like a calm place to unwind. I mostly wanted to post about this cabin because there is a very clever design idea by the stairs but it just so happens that the rest of it is really neat too.
(photos from Design-Milk)

One house set in such peaceful surroundings. Deep breath, exhale….. ahhhhh.

The interior is kept very simple and clean.

Now, here is the clever design idea, in my opinion. I love that the last step doubles as a bench off to the side and shoes can be stashed under the whole bench/step (without getting in the way); then above the bench part is a short closet that can be used for coats and such. This is a very multi-functional small space. Well done.

Beautiful bathroom with a pretty view of the treetops.