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Jeffers Design Group

“Jeffers Design Group (JDG) creates luxurious but livable homes. Spaces with soul and atmosphere that feel collected over time”, and how. Jeffers Design Group has been designing interiors for clients since 1999 and they have worked from coast to coast. With Jay Jeffers at the helm, JDG puts together comfortable and refined spaces, giving each home a personal touch.
(all photos from Jeffers Design Group)

The Gift of American Leather Comfort

American Leather has just announced a promotion on the Comfort Recliners, just in time for Father’s Day!  The promo, which runs from May 3rd – June 15th, gives you $250 dollars off any of the American Leather Comfort Recliners.
The, in-store only, promotion gives you the ability to give the gift of comfort to yourself or that special someone in your life.  If you are worried about the bulkiness of the recliner, you can worry no more!!  American Leather’s sleek and stylish designs and your choice of 4 different sized recliners, in a variety of styles, makes selecting one a breeze.  
Contact our store or your favorite sales associate for more information and schedule your appointment to feel the comfort first hand in our Comfort Recliner gallery.

Caitlin Wilson Interiors

The interiors by Caitlin Wilson are not short on color or sophistication. Caitlin has been making peoples interior dreams come true since 2007 and she loves creating that perfect space for her clients. There is an elegance to her designs and she pays great attention to detail in each and every space.
(all photos from Caitlin Wilson)


Explore The High Fashion Home Summer 2013 Catalog Online!

Our High Fashion Home team is proud to unveil our High Fashion Home Summer 2013 catalog.  The catalog spans 64 pages and delivers an abundant of design inspiration.  We are incredibly proud of the work, and we hope you find inspiration in our shared journey in decorating the home.

You can download the Google Catalogs app and view the catalog through your iPad.  We also have an interactive version on our website at With our catalog online, you can now peruse through our catalog in an environmentally friendly, easy to shop way that is right at your finger tips.

Hable Construction!!

Last Friday, we posted about the fabulous Athens, Georgia home of Susan Hable Smith. After reading about here, I took a walk through her website, Hable Construction, and fell so in love with so many of her designs!! Susan started Hable Construction with her sister, Katharine Hable. Both women (originally from here in Texas) have a love for design and creation which is obvious when you see what they produce. Love, love them!!
(all photos from Hable Construction website)

Fabrics! Clover Poppy
LOVE all their different bags!

Pretty In Pastels!!

With Spring springing and Easter right around the corner, pastels are everywhere!! Soft, subtle and a light touch of color, pastels can work anywhere. Check out some ideas –

Love the light pinks!
(photo from Raellarina)
Different shades of blue
(photo from Gramercy)
Not sure about that carpet but I love the rest.
(photo from we heart it)

 It’s just the chair. And it makes all the difference.
(photo from 79 ideas)

A couple of chairs is even better!
(photo from 79 ideas)

 Pastel pink and pastel orange chairs. Yes!
(photo from Daily Dream Decor)

Gorgeous kitchen!!
(photo from decoist)

 So fabulous!
(photo from Interiorholic)