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DIY Garland!

I am so loving all the different DIY garlands out there! Make them holiday themed, colorful, flowers, pom poms, starfish… the ideas gone on forever. Just another cute and easy way to “festive it up!!”

Flower Garland made from book pages
Starfish Garland from Desperate Craftwives
LOVE this felt ball garland!
(from My Sparkle)
 Felt Flower Garland a la Apartment Therapy!
This Paint Chip Garland is super cute!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
 Pennant Garland from Paper Polaroid
(from Creature Comforts)
Heart Garland
Party Garland from Purlbee!

Christmas Decorations!!!

Alright folks! It’s crunch time, time to get serious…. about Christmas decorations that is. If you are anything like me, having your house decorated for the holidays just adds to being in the Holiday Spirit. Here are some ideas if you need some decorating inspiration.

I absolutely love using pine cones for Christmas decorating! You can use them like this, put a bunch in a pretty basket or even get crafty and glitter ’em up! Some stores even sell bags of pine cones that are cinnamon scented. 
So festive! All the red, hanging stars and snowflakes. Love it!
(photo from Bibelot)
Such a wonderful idea for displaying Christmas cards!
(photo from Martha Stewart)
So beautiful.
(photo from Pinterest)
Decorative Christmas balls or ornaments in tall vases, bowls or fancy martini glasses are an easy but very fabulous decorating idea!
(photo from archinhome)
 Snowflake Curtain? Yes, please!
(photo from Bugs and Fishes)
 I just love this. So simple and so adorable!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Group and hang ornaments and balls from a chandelier!
(photo from Pinterest)

Hello, Yellow

Yellow may not be the first color that comes to mind when decorating a room but why not? It’s bright, cheery, adds a great pop of color and will fit it with the decor better than you think.

 The yellow sofa looks great in this room! There’s a lot of black and white in here and the yellow is a great compliment. Plus the orange of the flowers on the table and the kumquat tree just enhance the space. (photo from Better Homes and Gardens)

First, I love the idea of using decorative paper under a piece of glass to change the look of a bedside table. The lovely yellow and pink paper here just girlies up the table.

This floor is AMAZING!! I love the design and the shade of yellow is fantastic! The floor was a DIY project (using foam board to create the design) on Paisley Wallpaper
(photo found via Kathy Peterson Inspired)

See, the side tables could have very easily been black but the yellow looks so much better!
(photo from examiner

 The yellow doors look awesome!! 
(photo from Remodelista via Fancy House Road)

The yellow cabinets and counters are so fun and look great!

And then, you can always do the walls yellow with a beautiful wallpaper or paint.
(photo from High Fashion Home)

Revamp Your Home For 2011

It’s a new year which means it is time to divest yourself of that old furniture you are tired of. How about we just get rid of all the furniture that you are constantly saying you want to change. The moment has come to refresh yourself in 2011. Now, it may not be as easy as 1, 2, & 3, but I am here to help you take action and give you ideas to assist you through your new journey. Here are a few ideas to inspire your imagination.

Living Space

Now, in your living space you need to decide what type of style you admire and what hues influence you. In this living space I chose to use neutrals and display color through accessories like the artwork. These days, anything that has been reclaimed is very popular. I incorporated that into the space through the end table and coffee table. The clean lines of the sofa and the curved tufting of the chairs create a transitional look and produce interest in the space.

Living space contains: Chatham Sofa $1579; Michelle Chair $529; Teak Root Coffee Table $1499; Hampton Barrel Side Table $229; Flora Urbana II, III, IV $138

The Dining Area

  In the dining space I chose to pick a bold color, like purple, and contrast it with green wall decor. Also, I used a reclaimed dining table to give the space texture with the natural wood finish. The dining chairs are beautifully detailed with the black upholstery and tufted back. The space is not what is expected and picking these daring colors makes the space one of its own.

Dining Area contains: Green Free Form Lily Plate $19.95-$112.95; Pendent Lamp Vino XL $450; Opio Dining Table $1699; Stella Dining Chair $299;

The Bedroom
Everyone wants their bedroom to be a place where they feel comfortable and they are able to relax in. Being able to customize this room would be a dream. High Fashion Home has many options in dressers, nightstands, and desks for your bedroom. They also have many bed frame options and there is one in particular that stands out. It is the Nocturne bed program and in this program you are able to customize your bed in 6 different categories. The bed size can be a twin, full, queen, king, or California king. There is also different fabrics options and nail head finishes.

The Albert bed is one of the many style choices. Let us see all the options that this bed offers.

From your living room to your bedroom the options are endless. The ideas displayed are to help stimulate your creative thinking. Now, go forth and find out what you love and let us know what ideas you have for your home.

Celebrate The New Year With A Cocktail Party

New Years Eve is just around the corner and it is time to gather with friends and family to celebrate. Why not have a cocktail party? This is a great way to get everyone together. All you need to do is plan out how everything will work out for this special occasion. Let’s think about what your decor will be…

You don’t need to go to the store and purchase a ton of things. Try and see what you can use that you already have. On Martha Stewart’s website she showed ways to create streamer decorations with leftover holiday paper shown below. Click on the photo below to view instructions.

Pick a color and use it as your theme. Make everyone wear that certain color to make it interesting. The room below uses a dazzling purple hue and the decor is very festive.

Now, nothing is a New Year’s party without wine or champagne! It’s always nice to provide your guest with something new that they may not have tried before. There are billions of drink combination that you can indulge in. Don’t hold back, be the amazing host that you are! Here is a few I found to keep the party going.

2 oz peach juice or peach puree
4 oz Champagne
1) Pour the peach juice or peach puree into a Champagne flute.
2) Slowly add the Champagne.

Rose Berry Bliss

1 bottle Clos du Bois Rosé, chilled 
1 bag frozen blueberries 
1 container frozen pink lemonade 
1 liter lemon-lime soda 
blueberries for garnish
1) In a large pitcher, mix the Clos du Bois Rosé, antioxidant-rich frozen blueberries and frozen pink lemonade together. 
2) Allow the flavors to marry in the refrigerator for an hour. 
3) Top with lemon-lime soda. 

The last thing you need to arrange before the night begins is some delicious and appetizing food. What kind of food should you cater for your guest? Nothing to large, go for bite size pieces that look like you took some time to make. The food will show your guest your appreciation for them joining you on that night. Anything dipped in chocolate always seems to be a hit. Try this recipe.

 Chocolate Covered Strawberries
16oz milk chocolate chip
2 tablespoons shortening
1 lbs fresh strawberries with leaves
1) Insert toothpicks into the tops of the strawberries. 
2) In a double boiler, melt the chocolate and shortening, stirring occasionally until smooth. Holding them by the toothpicks, dip the strawberries into the chocolate mixture. 
3) Turn the strawberries upside down and insert the toothpick into styrofoam for the chocolate to cool.

If you need some extra seating or decor to make your night special, remember that High Fashion Fabrics carry’s an array of rental items for your party.

Tug Of War $200 Giveaway: Which Chandelier Would You Choose?!

Here we are once again to decipher which chandelier would suit your space best? The Gypsy chandelier is a wonderful piece of work that has been created for your viewing pleasure. It sits beautifully above any dining or living area. Fortunately, we carry the Gypsy chandelier in two amazing colors and we want to know which one reigns supreme! With your help we can decide and settle the debate once and for all.

Just click here to help us determine which of the two colors you like best. When you leave your comment on your favorite you are automatically enter to win a $200 gift card to use in our store. The winner will be chosen at random, but you have to be our facebook fan to participate.

 The Gypsy Chandelier Multicolored

One of our bestsellers, the Gypsy Chandelier adds a touch of outrageous baroque class to any interior. A delightful tumble of decoration, beading and elegantly positioned lamps, the Gypsy Chandelier is ideal for those who want to make a dramatic statement in their interior spaces.

The Gypsy Chandelier Black

Colors Of The Rainbow

There are so many different ways to use colors to brighten up a room. It is amazing how using different hues can be inventive and create something very appealing to the eye. No matter what shade you may choose to utilize, it will become a characteristic that suits your style. 

Color Spectrum’s contain all different kinds of hues that you can take advantage of. Here’s my rainbow of rooms with colors that will inspire you.

Red is usually thought to be a romantic color. Using it in a bedroom is the perfect place for you and your significant other.

The pink chairs are the perfect touch for this space.

I never thought you could use so much yellow in a room and still have it be sophisticated.

Green adds life to a room. This one is for all nature lovers.

Blue is for glamor and in this space it does just that.

 Purple is for royalty at its finest.

The use of brown in this space is very neutral and inviting.

White can bring out any color. Although, in this living room it sits quietly for those to look at, but not touch.

Can I get a cup of tea with that gray sofa, please?

Need a spa day. Relax in black and white.

Check out these hues from HFH website.