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Pink and Gray – A Perfect Pairing!

So, inspiration for this post came from the outfit I wore in Easter. A pink dress with a gray cardigan. So simple, so complimentary. Either color can be bold, soft or a mix of both. I know this combo isn’t for everyone. Have you used the colors together in your home?? Here’s some inspiration –

The soft pink curtains go so well with the gray walls. I also like the touch of brown from the throw pillows.
(photo from Pinterest)
Bright pink pillows on a velvety gray couch! Love.
(photo from Hip Lip)
 In the nursery!! LOVE that chair!
(photo from Pinterest)
Just throw it in with a fun lamp.
Love the different shades of gray and pink here.
(photo from Style Estate)
Love it in the office. 
(photo from Decor Pad)
Yes, yes, yes!
(photo from Beasley & Henley)
Super soft pink sofa in a gray interior. 
(photo from Interior Holic)

All Hallow’s Eve!!

It’s 2 days away! Halloween is my FAVORITE! I so look forward to this day/night all year long. Decorating the house for this candy and spook filled night is so fun and if you are still not quite finished with your decorations, here are some pics of inspiration. You can go for all out creepy or choose a more kid friendly theme. Either way, have fun decorating it up!

(photo from Vintage Mint)
 LOVE the homemade aliens and spooky creatures in the windows!
(photo from Fork Party)
Cute idea and a great way to reuse old milk/water jugs. The kids can help make them! : )
(photo from eighteen25)
 Very inviting!
(photo from BHG)
Spooktacular cemetery in your front yard.
(photo from Martha Stewart)
(photo from Pinterest)

10 Decorating Ideas!!

I have been told that people love a good top ten list…. David Letterman sure does! Anyhoo, here is a list of 10 quick decorating ideas as told by House Beautiful! Enjoy!

Hang a curtain. I actually did this in my house to separate the living area from the bedroom area. It does look really nice when it’s just hanging there but serves a purpose too! I got my track and curtain at IKEA.
Mix and Match the bedding. I have to admit, I am not too great at this one yet but I’m trying!
Put an antique in the bathroom. I love the look of this!
Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white. This homeowner bought an old table for $60 at an estate sale and gave it a high gloss white paint makeover!
Cover a wall with plates. Our Green Free From Lily Plates would be FANTASTIC for this!