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Go To Your Outdoor Happy Place!

Spring is such a wonderful time of year here in Houston. We’ve got breeze, it’s not too hot yet and the mosquitoes are NOT stalking your every move (thank goodness). It’s during this time of year that I am so thankful to have such a great outdoor space. Reading, blogging, watching my little one play are all done from under my huge umbrella on the patio. If you don’t have the outdoor setup of your dreams, check out some of these ideas and get it ready in time for this time, next year!

All the color and the homemade canopy. Love.
(photo from Houzz)

Simple table and chairs surrounded by LOTS of flowers!
(photo from Pinterest)

 Well, YEAH!
(photo from Miss Design)

 Just add lounge chairs…. and maybe a nap.
(photo from Garden Rooms)

Well, I think I found my inspiration for next Spring!
(photo from Aged and Gilded)

So simple and serene.
(photo from Pupila*Pixel)

Lots of lounging to be done here! AND instructions for the DIY canvas awning!
(photo and how to from Pretty Prudent)