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Tear Off Wallpaper!!

Have you ever wanted to design your own wallpaper?? The “Tear Off” Wallpaper by ZNAK gets you pretty close to making that dream come true. Each panel of this wallpaper is perforated with squiggly designs that you can peel off to create whatever pattern you like. I love the idea of painting the wall first and then applying the wallpaper!! You’ll see what I mean.
(all photos from design milk)

Google’s New Tel Aviv Office!!!

Holy cow! If this is an office building, what the heck do the rest of us work in?! Google recently unveiled their new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel and WOW! 85,000 square feet (7 floors) of unique and inspirational work space. Nothing about this office looks conventional (well, except for the actual cubicle area). Color is around every corner, there are so many fabulous prints everywhere, an over-sized surf board conference table, a gym and a slide… even a sitting area that looks like the outdoors! Google, I already knew that you were awesome but this just raised my level of respect for you. AMAZING!
(all photos from freshome)

Boy’s Apartment on GIRLS!!

If any of you watch the new HBO hit show, GIRLS, you may have seen the episode where we first meet Charlie’s apartment. Nevermind why we are taken to the apartment (2 characters and their relationship issues) but the place is so wonderful and full of great design ideas!! Yes, I know it’s a set created in the minds of TV people but so many things in the apartment are TOTALLY doable in the real world. See what I mean —
(all photos from L.A. Times)

Initial design drawing of the space created by production designer, Laura Ballinger Gardner.

The color blocking on the plywood cabinets was inspired by Piet Mondrian.

Now this is brilliant. There is so much happening in this little area. Bed, stairs, storage, lounge area on top of the bed and small seating area!!

 A shot of inside the bed cave.

Pirate Ship Bedroom!!

Now, there are bedroom themes and then there is this Pirate Ship Bedroom! This loft/bedroom space, designed by Steve Kuhl, looks exactly like a small Pirate Ship!! How I would have loved something like this when I was a kid! Heck! I would love to sleep in a room like this now!
(photos from Nate Berkus)

 Designer, Steve Kuhl

Stairs and Stairs!

A lot of people hate stairs. Me? I have always loved stairs. There is something very beautiful about stairs and I have come across so many fabulous ideas for making stairs fun and different. Allow me to share the stairs with you…..

Love the designs between each step.
(photo from French by Design)
(photo found via Pinterest)
I so love these bright and cheery yellow stairs!!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
So beautiful to look at. Gorgeous.
(photo found via Pinterest)
These are fabulous and fun!!
(photo from Designers Block)
Double duty bookshelf stairs!
(photo from Noosh Kids)
These have got to be the craziest most intimidating stairs I have ever seen!! You better be really coordinated and sober. ; )
(photo from Thriftify!)
Technically an escalator but how funny!!
(photo from Damn! LOL)

Das Park Hotel!

Have you ever seen those huge, concrete drain pipes and thought “Hey, those would make great hotel rooms!”? No? Well, Andreas Strauss did and he created a “hotel” with them. There are 2 Das Hotel locations; one in Austria and one in Germany. The rooms are incredibly minimal with just a bed, lamp and a skylight. The hotel is also unique in that the cost of a room is “what you want to pay”. A different idea indeed.
(photos from the Das Hotel website)

Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town!!

My friend, Kerri, told me about the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s small (only 13 rooms) and every room is completely different. Owners of the hotel gave various artists complete creative freedom to paint, fill, create the spaces however they wanted to. The result is an eclectic mix of rooms that you will not find in any other hotel. Book a room if you are ever Cape Town bound!