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"Bohemian Apartment" in New York

Now, I’ve heard of a funhouse before (usually found at carnivals) but this New York apartment is a FUN HOUSE! There is so much going on in here and lots of the rooms make me feel as though I am looking at a Wes Anderson movie set. You can tell that Incorporated Architecture & Design put a lot of thought into this place to inject it with kid friendly design while still making it a place that mom and dad can live in too. You’ll see what I mean….
(all photos from Contemporist via Design Milk)

 Now, I know that this is probably too much for some people but I love the creativity and colorful design in this home! And the neutral wood paneled walls are so beautiful.
 An indoor playhouse for the kids! CUTE!!
 Obviously the most tame room in the home is mom and dads. Love the antique panel against the wall.

Love the tiled accent.

Nap Worthy!

Each one of these chairs probably has a tag that says “Nap here”. Well, if they don’t, they should. I have never seen so many interesting looking chairs designed with relaxing in mind. Thank you, Design Milk, for featuring these creations!

I have always wanted to nap in a giant basket! This is the Cradle.
Two people can relax on the Loopita (by Victor Aleman)and not have feet in each others faces! Can also be designed with multiple loops.
Dive into the Hanabi by mottoWASABI! Each “pillow” is filled with polystyrene pellets for super squishy comfort.
 The Couch Sleeper by Anne Lorenz is a sleeping bad, chair and bed all in one!
The Feel Seating System Deluxe is made of 120 super soft, foam balls. Oh yeah!
Enveloppe is a comfy couch that you can really snuggle with.
 Twist and fold the Blandito until you find your perfect nap time position!

Who doesn’t love an adult size bean bag chair?! The My and the Roo by Woodnotes are the perfect lounging companion.

Small and Sleek in Sydney!!

Small homes can be a tough beast to tackle. Where to fit everything and still have space to move around and live? Minosa Design Studio took a modest, two level home and gave it a bunch of style, lots of function and still had plenty of room for break dancing. The kitchen has white, sliding doors that hide the pantry and all the cabinets which gives the space a clean, spacious feel. Plus, they created a  pretty amazing kitchen table that is actually much bigger than it looks.
(all photos from freshome)

Kitchen a la Cubism!

This is a kitchen gone crazy! Cubism in the Kitchen, by Gemelli Design Studio, takes traditional kitchen design and turns it on it’s ear. Thinking as much about the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen as well as functionality (even though it’s shelves and cabinets are not perfectly squared), Gemelli Studios has created a kitchen that I’m sure will get people talking AND really wake you up in the morning!
(all photos from Design Milk)

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates!!

The Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates is the most INCREDIBLE door I have EVER seen!! The Curtain Door was created using 40 sections of Burma teak, pulleys, ball bearings, wire rope, a counterweight and imagination! Reminds me of piano keys. So impressive and beautiful.
(photos from freshome)

Pit House!!

The Pit House by UID Architects is so different and quite interesting. The interior is multi-level, rounded and your seat on the sofa gives you a street level view of the outdoors. The main floor of the home is built one meter off of the ground but has a sunken area in the middle of the home that is almost a below ground floor. The pictures will show you what I mean. Love it!
(all photos from Contemporist)

Funky Stairs in France!

Leave it to an art school in France to produce such a beautiful piece of functional art! These stairs are spectacular!! Designed by TETRARC Architects this whimsical staircase lives in The School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France. Maybe climbing stairs is more fun when they look like this?! : )
(photo from freshome)