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Shop Local: K & K Artistry

I just love this shop on Etsy! The designers behind K & K Artistry live here, in Houston, and create some of the most interesting jewelry and accessories I’ve seen! Enjoy. : )

 I love this Clockwork Clutter Necklace! She uses real watch pieces to fill the inside.

Watch Parts Steampunk Necklace. Actual watch faces used and set in resin.
Red and Cream Ribbon Cuff has leather flowers and brass gears. 
 Brass Steampunk Propeller Locket. A beautiful piece.

Tug of War: Which Sideboard Do You Like Best?

Oh, how we love a good game of Tug of War! What we have brought to you this time are two very different items that both are beautifully unique. The Jaden console has very rustic elements that undoubtedly can fit in numerous spaces. It’s natural features with iron details give it a great look that everyone will love. The Mirrored Credenza is a very glamorous piece that will add that elegant touch. Beautiful at every angle, you can’t deny that this mirrored credenza is at the top of it’s class. Let us know which one suits your style in this weeks Tug of War on High Fashion Home’s Facebook page. Comment on which is your favorite and you could enter to win a $200 gift card to the store. Click here to enter.

Jaden 4 Door 4 Drawer Buffet
Credenza Mirrored 2 Door 5 Drawer


I’d like to introduce you to Zipper8Lighting. I found these awesome light pieces while on Etsy. Her light fixtures look incredible and I love that she uses materials like plastic bags, road maps, old paperback books an even drink umbrellas to create them!

This is the Cocktail Umbrella Pendant. So colorful and so cute!
The Plastic Bag Pendant Lamp. I can’t even tell that it’s made from plastic bags!
The Round Flat Mixed Book Page Pendant. I like that they look great off during the day and on at night.
The Tufted Ruffles Pendant Light is made of…… Coffee Filters! Amazing.
A closer look at the Road Map Pendant.

Digital-Only Textbook for Kids

Let me start of by professing my love for the Kindle.  E-readers are definitely the future, and it looks like the future is finally about to descend upon our public school systems.  McGraw-Hill just launched it’s first digital only textbook.

There are numerous advantages of the digital only format.  When publishers need to make minor updates, they won’t have to print thousands of these heavy text books to schools around the country.  It saves paper, saves gas, and most importantly, saves money.  Each paper book costs roughly $50-80 dollars to our school systems (Let’s not talk about the budget shortfalls that most public entities are facing).  Now they can send a quick update so that students will have instant access to the right information.

With the price of e-readers dropping quickly, our kids might be able to get their hands on one sooner than later.  Worst case, parents should buy their kids an e-reader instead of a phone or video game system.

I love my Kindle!

>What’s New at High Fashion Home


The High Fashion Home website has recently been updated with new amazing products. There are some great pieces that will compliment anyone’s home. If you need color, some upholstery pieces will be perfect for you. Are you green? If so, there are beautiful reclaimed tables and accent tables. Let me give you a sneak peek of some of the pieces that I love.
The Luxe sofa is in a radiant bold color that looks amazing.

The Stefano is in an off-white fabric that makes it stand out in a good way.

The Haven daybed looks comfy and stylish.

The Annie chair comes in navy as well!

The Jaden console is done with reclaimed wood and an iron base that looks stunning.

The Prague coffee table is blazing with shine.

The Baltic dining table is elegant with it’s reclaimed hardwood design.

The Sanctuary Clarice chair is charming with the delicate printed fabric. 

The Bentley bed has a beautiful tall headboard with tufts and refined chrome legs.

>JENZET, The Little Illustrator (Local Artist)

>Today, while on Etsy, I came across the cutest shop!! It’s called Jenzet (aka The Little Illustrator) and in that shop you will find some of the most original and adorable prints! The original pictures were done on a real sheet of paper with a real pen (by Jen of Jenzet) and then digitally colored. The prints available through this shop look great and have such sweet images and messages; I just love them. Also, Jen can do custom prints for you, you need only talk to her about it. AND, did I mention that she is right here in H-Town?? Enjoy! : )

  “Cooler Thank You Think” could also be called, Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover. A good message. She also does this print on a t-shirt.

 “I Love Vinyl” who doesn’t?  

Make The Best Of Today“…. a good reminder

 “Mon Amour” I love this one! So precious.

 “Their Chemistry” is clever and completely adorable!

 “The Meaning of Music”   : )

  “Feeling Bubbly” I love this.

>Pillows, Part 2! Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade Options

>Last week I did a post on pillows and got a suggestion, from Decorative Pillows, to showcase some eco-friendly and fair trade pillow options. They asked and shall receive.
For those of you not familiar with the term “fair trade” here is what it means- “Fair Trade is an organized social movement and market based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability.” (Thank you for that explanation Wikipedia) And I’m pretty sure most of us out there know what eco-friendly means so I will just get on with showing the pillows! Enjoy! : )

These first 2 pillows are by Modernality via Etsy. The pillows are made of felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles! 

These next pillows come from a company called Gianna. Gianna offers lots of eco-friendly AND fair trade items but since we are talking pillows; here are some options from Gianna.

Organic Cotton Bubbles Pillow

 Organic Cotton Snowflake Neckroll Pillow

The next few pillows come from Humble Creations. They use organic cotton and non-toxic water based inks on their items.

Lattice Pillow (available in other colors too)
And last but not least, Ten Thousand Villages. We actually have a Ten Thousand Villages (a fair trade retailer) here in Houston. They sell items by artisans from all over the world.

Handmade Tree of Life Pillow

Handmade Hands Around the World Pillow

Handmade Rags to Riches Pillow

There are LOTS of eco-friendly and fair trade houseware options out there; just search the internet! A lot of the companies listed above sell other items too, not just pillows. Check ’em out!