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Room Makeover of Leslie Brown!!

You guys may remember when High Fashion Home had it’s big Room for Improvement Contest (no longer an active contest). We asked entrants to send us a picture of a room in their home that needed some interior design love; explaining why they chose that room and what plans they had for it. The winner received a $5000.00 gift card to High Fashion Home to shop for the room fixings they desired for their space-lift (get it, like face-lift?).

Leslie Brown was the winner of that contest and she has been kind enough to share photos of her fabulous bedroom! Leslie said that she is “thrilled with the final look”. She enjoys all the new drawer space she acquired and her “big girl bed”. Here’s a list of the HFH pieces that made her dream room a reality –
Sanctuary Bed, King 
Michelle Chair (no longer available but you can see it here)                 
Winter Woods 3-Drawer Chest                                                                        
Painted 2-Door Cabinet                       
Credenza Mirrored 2 Door 5 Drawer

Now, on to Leslie’s pictures!

 Leslie’s room before.

 She also submitted this picture to illustrate the ideas she had for her bedroom.

 Leslie’s gorgeous redo! It doesn’t even look like the same room! Leslie still has plans to stencil the wall behind the bed which will look amazing.

 Leslie has played around with different accent colors and textures.

Oh so classy.

 I have always loved the Mirrored Credenza! Looks great.

 Great job, Leslie!! Your room looks incredible! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your room transformation!!