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Christmas Decorations!!!

Alright folks! It’s crunch time, time to get serious…. about Christmas decorations that is. If you are anything like me, having your house decorated for the holidays just adds to being in the Holiday Spirit. Here are some ideas if you need some decorating inspiration.

I absolutely love using pine cones for Christmas decorating! You can use them like this, put a bunch in a pretty basket or even get crafty and glitter ’em up! Some stores even sell bags of pine cones that are cinnamon scented. 
So festive! All the red, hanging stars and snowflakes. Love it!
(photo from Bibelot)
Such a wonderful idea for displaying Christmas cards!
(photo from Martha Stewart)
So beautiful.
(photo from Pinterest)
Decorative Christmas balls or ornaments in tall vases, bowls or fancy martini glasses are an easy but very fabulous decorating idea!
(photo from archinhome)
 Snowflake Curtain? Yes, please!
(photo from Bugs and Fishes)
 I just love this. So simple and so adorable!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Group and hang ornaments and balls from a chandelier!
(photo from Pinterest)