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Tufting, How Do I Love Thee???

What would the world be like without tufted furniture? Well, I suppose we wouldn’t know what we were missing if it never existed in the first place but since it is here, I would be SO disappointed if it ever left. Something about tufting just adds interest and a bit of sophisticated glam to a piece. The subtle gathering, the perfectly round button just give a headboard, ottoman, chair etc., a little extra something special. You know what I mean…..

Our Albert Bed just wouldn’t be the same if it were left un-tufted. 
 Those ottomans would be slightly less fabulous without the tufting.
(photo from Chango & Co)
 Back to back tufted loveseats.
(photo from Tilton Fenwick via Open Studio)
The lovely, tufted Marcella Dining Chairs
Tufted all over!
(photo from At Home in Arkansas)
 I mean…Whoa!
(photo from Pinterest)
How about a tufted wall?!
(photo from Houzz)

Love for Chesterfield!!

I was inspired to blog about Chesterfield sofas by my friend, Whitney. She has said several times in the last 2 months that she really wants to get a Chesterfield and after looking at LOTS of pictures featuring these gorgeous, deep button tufted, leathery, velvety beauties…. well, here we are. I heart Chesterfields. Thanks, Whit. ; )
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(photo from Apartment Therapy)

 A truly British Chesterfield
(photo from Decadent Green)
Beautiful space!! The Chesterfield beneath the window = perfect!!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Photo from The Beauty I See

 Photo from Elle Decor
LOVE this patchwork Chesterfield from namedesignstudio via Etsy.

Photo from High Fashion Home featuring the Henry Sofa.
 LOVE ALL of this so much!!!
(photo from arkpad)