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CC’s 5 Faves – Lighting

Lighting makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of a space. With so many choices out there, choosing the perfect lamp, chandelier, pendant can take some time. Below, I share my 5 Fave High Fashion Home lighting options. I hope you enjoy them too!! 
(all photos from High Fashion Home)

Love the simplicity of the Swing Arm Pinup Sconce. The reclaimed wood is an excellent touch.

I love the shape and details on the Devon Chandelier!
The Crystal Base Dome Lamp is the perfect size for an end table or desk.
Love the brushed brass of the Juliet Sconce
 The Mason Globe Pendant is simple and a little bit industrial. Love it.

Bridge Street Residence

I love the understated elegance of this home. With some rustic touches, classic pieces and an overall playfulness, Bridge Street (by Martha O’Hara Interiors) is cozy and polished. A fantastic family home! (all photos from Home Adore)

Beaded Chandeliers

I LOVE a perfect chandelier! I sometimes think that everyone should have some size of chandelier in every major room…. Overkill? Perhaps. But, chandeliers make me happy. Beaded chandeliers are nothing new but they are so wonderful! Not glitzy or too fancy, beaded chandeliers are still super eye catching and offer a great statement to any space. Here’s some inspiration –

Kelly Deck Design

With clean lines, easy going furnishings and a keen eye to detail, Kelly Deck’s interiors are simple and stunning. Each room has such a classic look and they are full of great texture and brilliant design ideas. I’m happy to have stumbled upon her work!
(all photos from Kelly Deck on Pinterest)

Shea McGee Design

I love being able to feature the fantastic work of the extremely talented interior designers out there. Shea McGee designs supremely well put together spaces that are layered but not fussy. Shea creates rooms that have such a classic look, the designs won’t “go out of style” and she’s not afraid of color and prints. Love her work!
(all photos from Shea McGee Design)

Love for Chandeliers!

Oh, chandeliers. If you want to glam up a space, throw a chandelier in there. If you want a more romantic feel in your bedroom, add a chandelier. If you want to make a statement in a room, do it with a chandelier. Chandeliers add sparkle to any space and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more  in sparkle their room?

 (photo from Apartment 34)
(photo from Kendall Wilkinson)
(photo from Atelier Decor)
(photo from Mix and Chic)
 (photo from designwali)
 (photo from Architectural Digest)
 (photo from Sketch 42)
(photo from Revelment)