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Nap Worthy!

Each one of these chairs probably has a tag that says “Nap here”. Well, if they don’t, they should. I have never seen so many interesting looking chairs designed with relaxing in mind. Thank you, Design Milk, for featuring these creations!

I have always wanted to nap in a giant basket! This is the Cradle.
Two people can relax on the Loopita (by Victor Aleman)and not have feet in each others faces! Can also be designed with multiple loops.
Dive into the Hanabi by mottoWASABI! Each “pillow” is filled with polystyrene pellets for super squishy comfort.
 The Couch Sleeper by Anne Lorenz is a sleeping bad, chair and bed all in one!
The Feel Seating System Deluxe is made of 120 super soft, foam balls. Oh yeah!
Enveloppe is a comfy couch that you can really snuggle with.
 Twist and fold the Blandito until you find your perfect nap time position!

Who doesn’t love an adult size bean bag chair?! The My and the Roo by Woodnotes are the perfect lounging companion.

Mismatched Dining!!

Whether you do it or not, like it or not, mismatched dining chairs are on trend right now. Different colors, different designs, different materials…. What are your thoughts on mismatched dining chairs?

 (photo from Apartment Therapy)

 (photo from Vintage Luxe)

 (photo from House Beautiful via Katy Hahn Designs)
 (photo from the decorista)
(photo from Live Breathe Decor)

(photo from creamylife)
(photo from furnishing my home!)

DumpTruck Design!!

Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed steel. Antique furniture being given new life and a makeover. Custom cabinetry and commercial work. Incredible, one of a kind pieces. Welcome to DumpTruck Design. Located on Washington Ave., right here in Houston, DumpTruck Design produces the most original, creative and beautiful work! Cory Wagner leads the crew at DumpTruck in creating unique and interesting pieces for their clients. Well done!

 Dual Chairs designed by Cory Wagner and Marty Joyce. A broken antique chair given new life.

 Dual Chair 1. Made from Antique Rosewood and Steel.

 Custom cabinets made from reclaimed wood from Wagner Hardware in Bellaire.
A close up

 I love this piece. The NL Design Table is made from reclaimed pine (from a Houston Heights home) and reclaimed steel (from a construction site dumpster).

 This Substantial Slab Bench is beautiful! The hand burnished flame finish and polished surface is so different and gorgeous.
A close up
DT Bar Table and Stools made from Steel and Reclaimed Cedar.

Fabulous Finds at HFH!!

I thought I would share some fantastic items that we have in store right now (they aren’t on the website).

 I have been in love with the Isabelle Daybed ever since I first laid eyes on it! Please tell my daughter I would like this for Mother’s Day! ; )

 How about the Spitfire Desk?! Pretty awesome. The Jump Seat Chair is a great accent.

I love this Tallboy 2 Door Media Cabinet with Butterfly Panels! So fun.

 I think these Wooden Theater Seats are so neat! Anyone need some extra seating??

LOVE, LOVE the Maxim Iron Beaded Chandeliers! 

Eclectic Prints and Colors For Summer.

Summer is on it’s way and we want to make sure your home is prepared. Bring out your eclectic side this year by mixing and matching bright colors and bold prints. Don’t shy away from what could be, with a great imagination nothing can go wrong. Even adding a few accents can change your whole look. Here are a few pieces we have chosen for summer. We love to inspire you in your home endeavors and we hope to continue motivating the designer inside.

Tug of War: Is Your Favorite the Caitlin or the Kingston?

The classic dilemma for most High Fashion Home customers, which item should I buy?  We need your help to settle the debate. To vote, just root for your favorite below, by posting a comment on their side.  The side with the most comments wins and you’re also entered to win a $200 gift certificate. Winner will be selected on January 24th! Click Here to enter.

The Caitlin Armless Chair
The Kingston Chair