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Celebrity Dining!!

Ever wondered where Diane Keaton eats her morning bowl of cereal (if she eats cereal)? Or where Gerard Butler breaks bread at dinnertime? Some of these dining rooms are just as simple as yours or mine but others are over the top delights! Check ’em out –
(all photos from Architectural Digest)

I have loved EVERY home that I have come across belonging to Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi. They have amazing taste!

  The Osbourne dining room is so classically chic!

Woody Allen prefers something a little less fancy but still very comfortable and cozy.

Love the old world feel of Gerard Butler’s dining area. And that grouping of chandeliers is perfect!

Giorgio Armani kept it simple and lovely.

 Where Adam Levine dines.

 Modern and very open in the home of Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy.

LOVE all the earth tones in Diane Keaton’s HUGE dining room.

Celebrity Bedrooms!!

The bedroom is our sanctuary. It’s where we unwind, relax and lay our heads down at the end of the day. Now, I’m sure that celebrities do the same stuff in their bedrooms as we all do in ours but my bedroom is not quite on the same level of fabulous as some of these so I use these for inspiration!!

 One of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s lovely bedrooms!

Jonathan Adler likes his room with yellow and lots of mirrors.
(photo from Elle Decor)
Christina Aguilera goes for the drama!
(photo from CNN Money)
 Betsey Johnson is NOT afraid to use some color!
(photo from Covert Garden)
 I love all the gorgeous wood work in Cher’s AMAZING bedroom!
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith…. INCREDIBLE!!
(photo from Fab Furnish)
 Comfy and cozy, JLo style!
(photo from Fab Furnish)
Another Cher bedroom. I love her style!
(photo from Front Door)

Reese Witherspoon’s California Beauty!!

I’d like to thank Elle Decor for sharing the lovely Ojai home of Reese Witherspoon with us. I love the mix of old and new and the subtle, lived in style of her house. Reese and her friend, designer Kristen Buckingham, worked together to create the beautiful interior of this Wallace Neff designed home. I love all the arches and the woodwork is gorgeous. And, I love this quote from Reese when referring to the history of the home, “When you buy a beautiful piece of art, you don’t really own it. You’re just the caretaker.”

 Love the alcove bed and that vintage chair is fantastic!

All the different seating options around the table give the space a very interesting look.

 Oh so cozy!

 Love the exposed beams and hearty wood floor.

 So fabulous

The Home of Busy Phillips!

I’d like to thank In Style for featuring Busy Phillips and her fabulous home in their magazine a few months ago! I absolutely LOVE her place. So many timeless furniture pieces with lots of personality thrown in!
(photos from In Style via The Decorista)

 Gorgeous staircase! And the birdcage is a fantastic touch!

 Oh my gosh! Those are such wonderful chairs! The throw pillows are a nice pop of color.

 I love her laid back yet sophisticated dining room.

LOVE her purple heals!

 Her daughters room is so adorable and the bathroom is classic.

LOVE, LOVE her mirrored vanity!!

Ellen Pompeo’s Hollywood Home!

I really like Ellen Pompeo’s house! Her home (which she shares with husband, Chris Ivery) looks like such a relaxed environment that’s great for having friends and family over. I love the mix of antique-y, over-sized and classic furniture. She uses lots of different prints and textures which adds some fun.

 The living room. Sofa was custom designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard (who also decorated the house)

LOVE the arches by the stairs!

Lots of open shelving and the floor looks amazing. I like that all the terra-cotta tiles are not the same color.

And I always love pretty lanterns hanging above the table. The table is from Dos Gallos and the big mirror against the wall is by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.

Lots of great seating in the den and the pillows really liven things up.

I love the big lamp by Nathan Turner.

They inherited these chairs from the previous owners (love them!) and the side table is a petrified-wood block from DAO Home.

I like the stand alone tub (by Waterworks) and there’s that pretty floor again.(floor tiles from Exquisite Surfaces)

The wall hanging (from Hollywood at Home) above the bed is so beautiful. And the brass lamps (from Orange Furniture) on the side tables are pretty amazing too.
Thanks to Elle Decor for featuring Ellen Pompeo.