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Let’s Go Glamping!!

Yes, glamping (glamorous camping) is a thing and I want to try it someday! I love the idea of a semi-fancy tent, cooking up more that just beans or soup and spending a fabulous time outdoors with family and friends. This post, via Design Happens, offers 7 tips for glamping perfection and they were generous enough to mention our Stacking Wine Glasses in their “Dine In Style” section. Thank you, Chelsea Faulkner and Design Happens!! Can’t wait to get my glamp on!
 (photos from Design Happens and HFH)

Bubble Huts!!

Much for camping? Ever wish that you could see through the roof of your tent to gaze at all the stars above you? I’d like you to meet Bubble Huts by BubbleTree! These spherical “tents” come in 2 designs. One is completely clear all over and the other is opaque until about halfway up and then clear on top. So cool!!! They could always be used as a guest room too, I suppose. : )