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A Cabin in the Woods

I often dream about finding a quiet corner of the world with not much around and not much to do except be still and appreciate my private surroundings. The New York cabin of Amy Mellen (of Calvin Klein Home) would be the perfect place! Outside, Amy’s cabin looks basic and just like what you would expect a cabin in the woods to look like. The inside, however, is so cozy, rustic and beautiful. Stone walls, wood floors, pine-beamed ceilings….. I love it all. 
(photos from Elle Decor)

Tiny Cabin on San Juan Island

This cabin is only 500 square feet but it’s got so many great things going on!! It was designed by Olson Kundig Architects to be a writer’s cabin/guest house.There are 3 functional decks for when the house is in use but those same decks raise up to secure the house when it’s not in use. Fabulous design, wonderful interior. Love it.
(all photos from Contemporist)

Having the decks lift up to close up the house is genius!

Side view of the house while open.

The interior is kept simple but it’s beautiful. The fireplace rotates 180 degrees so it can warm the inside or the deck area outside. Fabulous!

Another view of the inside. This house does have a kitchenette and a bathroom. That looks like a Murphy bed too! Flip that bad boy up for more space.

A nighttime view.