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Amazing and Unique Kids Rooms!

While those of you reading this are probably not kids, maybe you have one, two or three (maybe not). I got to thinking earlier about how I never post anything about kids rooms. I usually look for bedroom, living room etc. inspiration but not usually kids room ideas. And, why not? Maybe you are looking for that just right idea for the kids’ room and who am I to stand in the way of you finding such inspiration. Exactly…. so here are some truly awesome kids room ideas!

 Photo from Mom Toob
Photo from Babble
Photo from Swift Orchids
Photo from Dump A Day
 Photo from Vogue Magazine
Photo from Yahoo

Hanging Beds?!

I love the idea of beds hanging from the ceiling but I do wonder how fantastic they would be to sleep in? I would like to think that they would be amazing! Gently swaying back and forth and rocking me to sleep. OR, they could move so much that I start to feel dizzy and sea sick! Thoughts? Comments??

 (Photo from Pioneer Woman)
(photo from My Home Ideas)
(photo from Ben Riddering)
Hanging Bunk Beds?!? Now there’s a ride!!
(photo from Babble)