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Rethink the Wall!

Paint it, wallpaper it, mosaic it…. you can do so much with your walls. Get creative in just one room, an accent wall or go nuts all over the house! Check out some of these artsy wall designs and get going. : )

LOVE this honeycomb ombre wall!
(photo from Vintage Revivals)
Stones, bricks, tiles, OH MY!! Love that this is inside.
(photo from Residence Magazine)
Stripes, stripes and more stripes!
(photo of Stripes Only by EIJFFINGER Scandinavian Deko)
Boutique walls covered in paper bags. A great way to reuse all those bags from the grocery store and they offer a great look and a different texture.
(photo from House Design)
Go shabby chic with a reclaimed wood wall.
(photo from Pinterest)
 Herringbone tiled wall. Love the various shades in here. 
(photo from Pinterest)
LOVE the mirrored wall!