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Small Space, Big Style

Clicking through these pictures, I never would have guessed that I was perusing a 900 sq. foot home in Kentucky. This small space uses lots of color but it doesn’t smother the space, brilliant wallpapers that add some whimsy and a great blend of modern furniture with some antique and eclectic accessories. Limited space doesn’t mean limited fabulousness and this home is perfect proof of that!
(all photos from BHG)

Perfect Blend of Old and New

There is something very comforting and inspiring about a home where modern and antique seamlessly coexist; this home, is exactly that. Every room has a somewhat whimsical vibe; with eye catching art, unique lighting, mid century modern furniture and just the right pops of color.
(all photos from Better Homes and Gardens)

Vibrant West Hollywood Home!

This home is West Hollywood, California is bursting with color, patterns and personality! I’m pretty sure that every color of the rainbow is represented in this house and it’s amazing. The big tree mural in the living room is so wonderful and whimsical. I mean, how fun is this place?!
(all photos from BHG)

Joy Cho’s Happy Home!!

I LOVE Joy Cho’s home!! There is so much life, fun, color and excellently put together design packed inside these walls. You are probably already familiar with Joy’s work, her blog, her Target collection and fantastic Pinterest page and her home is a tremendous reflection of her creativity and keen eye for detail. Love it all.
(all photos from BHG