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Vintage Peacock Headboards!!

I’d like to thank my friend, Betsy, for the inspiration behind this post! Thanks, Betty. : ) My parents had a headboard just like these when I was a kid. If I’d have known that their headboard would one day become a much sought after home decor item, I would have helped them take better care of it! These headboards are so simple and beautiful.
(found one on Etsy)

(photo from Rikshaw Design)
(photo from 64 in the Box)
(photo from tumblr)
(photo from Pinterest)

(photo from ish & chi)

(photo from Houzz)

John Robshaw Beds!!

Last week, we posted about John Robshaw’s textile-rific apartment and many of you commented on loving the bed in his bedroom so I thought I would share pictures of Mr. Robshaw’s NEW Headboard line!! They are fabulous shapes and you can get them in ANY of the lovely fabrics by John Robshaw. Feast your eyes!!!
(all photos from John Robshaw’s website)

 The Kerala Bed with the handpainted Pink Elephant Pillow and the Danda Bedding.

The Bihar headboard with the Han Clay Bolster.

The Orissa headboard with the Raatha Bedding.

Loft Beds!!

Loft beds are GREAT space saver/creators so they work well in small spaces. Don’t confuse loft beds with bunk beds. Loft beds do not have beds below them like bunk beds do. For me, there is just something so private and “my own secret haven” about loft beds. They are definitely not just for kids. Love ’em.

 See it over there in the corner? LOVE it!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

The open space below allows for more sitting room.
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
 My daughter would LOVE this! ha. So would I.
(photo from HGTV)
Love it! Bed above the closet!
(photo from Houzz)
LOTS of open space under there!
So lovely and romantical. 
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Alcove Beds!!

There is something very cozy looking about alcove beds. They are like your own little protected, comfy cave. Great for kids sleeping spaces too. And there are so many inspiring pictures for creating your own alcove bed space!

So lovely
(photo from Shelterness)
I love the storage space underneath!
(photo from Folio via Desire to Inspire)
Alcove Bunk Beds! Brilliant!
(photo from Sunset via Desire to Inspire)
LOTS of prints going on in here.
(photo from Enpundit)
Pure awesome!
(photo found via Pinterest)
So simple and beautiful.
(photo from Enpundit)
Love this
(photo from Architect Design)
Bright and colorful!
(photo from Houzz)

Hanging Beds?!

I love the idea of beds hanging from the ceiling but I do wonder how fantastic they would be to sleep in? I would like to think that they would be amazing! Gently swaying back and forth and rocking me to sleep. OR, they could move so much that I start to feel dizzy and sea sick! Thoughts? Comments??

 (Photo from Pioneer Woman)
(photo from My Home Ideas)
(photo from Ben Riddering)
Hanging Bunk Beds?!? Now there’s a ride!!
(photo from Babble)

Love for Bedrooms!!

Ah, the bedroom; the sanctuary of a home. ‘Nuff said, I think. Here are some super bedrooms!

I love this room! All the colors! The prints!
I love the browns in this room. And that rug!! Love it!
(photo from Houzz)
Such a fantastical idea to do in a room!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Love the colors in this room. And the mirrored nightstands (VERY similar to our Ellery Nightstand!) on the sides look perfect!!
(photo from Funky Bear Decor)
 Simply gorgeous! Love all the white, the dark floors and if you’re lucky enough to have a view like this one…. YAY for you!! : )
(photo from Tiny White Daises)
A fabulous retro style room! 
(photo from Designer Homes)
(photo from Krisp Crumbs)
How about a red bed?
(photo from House Beautiful)

Customer Love for the Amelia Bed!!

One of our customers in Massachusetts sent us this picture of the Amelia Bed being used in their bedroom. LOOKS FANTASTIC!!! I love the color palette of their bedroom and the Amelia Bed looks gorgeous in there!! How about those mirrored chests on each side of the bed? Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your room with us!!