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Hey Ladies….

…we are so excited that you’re gonna stop by this Saturday to hang out with us at the Boutique at High Fashion Home!
We just received our Saivana shipment for our trunk show and we are all going crazy for the new pieces. I’d show you a few now, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!
Oooooh! And the DePetra gals will be here as well and they have a brand new collection we haven’t seen in our store yet! Yeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

We can’t wait to see our good friend Tonya from Beauty for Real. It’s the only lip gloss we carry when we go anywhere now. The tube has a light and a mirror… it saves so much room in my evening clutch!

And bring your appetite because we will have mimosas and mini cupcakes from Houston baker Sugar Shack. …Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you at the Boutique in High Fashion Home on Saturday August 21 from noon to 3!
and check us out on tidbits today!

Baby Got Black

The name alone made me fall in love with this mascara. “Baby Got Black”. But it was the built in mirror on the side and light in the cap that sold me. I buy and use a lot of mascaras. I admit, I haven’t been that loyal (I cop to any new mascara fad out there) until now.

I’m a smitten kitten. What pray tell, made me fall head over heels for this luscious lash treatment? Simple. I was at the gym yesterday and forgot to take off my makeup off. Ugh. And it was a pretty grueling sweat session. I kept mopping my face with my towel and rubbing my eyes. I knew I was going to leave with some major raccoon-face. When I was done, I slinked off the machine trying to avoid eye contact with my fellow gym goers. Imagine my surprise in the locker room when I looked into the mirror and I was completely smudge free! Huh… impressive. If this miraculous mascara can withstand my gym session, imagine how it will handle a regular day in Haute Houston, or a night out in a sweaty club (hey, if I do have to reapply, at least I have a mirror and a light at my disposal!)

*Now available at High Fashion Home! $23.00