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The Doors

Well, if you thought this was gonna be a post about the band, The Doors, sorry to disappoint you. But keep reading anyway. : ) The doors that I am referring to are the ones that we open, walk through and close everyday. I have always loved how a door can completely change the look and feel of a room or how they can be used in other ways. I have found some great pictures where people have gotten very creative with their doors. All inspiring looks.

 Now, this is just fantastic!! A secret passage/bookshelf door!! I love this.
(photo from Happiness Is…)

SLIDING screen doors! Such a fabulous break from the typical “open it and SLAMS! behind you screen doors”.
(photo from My Home Ideas)

Another sliding door but this time it’s an old barn door. I love the rustic look and it’s incredible against the white walls!! 
 (photo from re-nest
 Or what about an old barn door as a headboard?! YES!

Here they have turned an old door into a hanging table. Love it!
(photo from Green Wedding Shoes)
 This doors within doors has a very Alice in Wonderland/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vibe. Crazy good!
(photo from Design Sponge)