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Incredible Attic Transformation

The attic is often the most forgotten part of a home. Whether you use it for storage or for nothing at all, the attic is usually just left plain, dank, web ridden…. you get the idea. The owners of this home decided to makeover their attic space into a play area/guest room and, it’s fabulous! Great design, simple colors and well placed accents make for quite an incredible interior.
(all photos from Domaine)

Love for Fabulous Attic Spaces!!

Ah, the attic. So much room and it’s so often left completely unused. Cruising around on Pinterest today I came across lots of wonderful attic spaces. What do you think??

An amazing closet!! The ottoman looks very similar to our Gimlet Ottoman.
(photo from Decor Pad)
A writing room fit for Pioneer Woman
(photo from Pioneer Woman)
 Extra sleeping space
Another cozy bedroom
(photo from desire to inspire)
Martha’s craft attic
(photo from Martha Stewart)
A woman cave in the attic!
(photo from arcilook)
Anything space! Love those floors!
(photo from houzz)