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Stark House!

Whenever I do these different blog posts, I come across the Stark name often. Stark rugs, carpets, fabrics etc. are extremely popular in the interior design world. The home in this post belongs to Ashley Stark (creative director for Stark) and I love it so. I love that each room has it’s own look. I love that she is not afraid to use color and prints. I love that she uses big, statement pieces. I just love it.
(photos from Elle Decor)

 The living room is beautifully arranged with lots of seating.
 Love the sea urchin light fixture in the dining room!
 The vintage Newell table in the foyer is so beautiful! And of course there’s a great rug in there!
 I love that she kept the kitchen all white and stainless steel.
 LOVE the vintage hand chairs and dark walls in the den!
 The Tiffany blue walls are perfect with the mirrored and clear pieces in the dressing room.
 That light fixture and headboard in the bedroom! Love, love.