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These Walls Are Something Else…

As I was browsing through House Beautiful and Elle Decor’s websites, I kept seeing a common thread. They both were displaying rooms with walls that shine. I almost thought that this was outrageous, but it actually looks very trendy and chic. The walls have a lacquer based paint which gives them a patent leather look which I adore!

Black just may be one of my favorite colors and it definitely looks amazing in this office.

There’s so many colors in this room, but they all work very well together. 
The walls are the icing on the cake.

The green walls make a very bold statement in this room, but it is a good compliment to everything.

Here’s a few items from High Fashion Home that will help shine up your space.

B. Ash Garden IV, $238
C. Aristocrat Armchair, Silver, $629
E. Big Shade Pendant, Black, $319
F. Blank Slate, $298
  G. Bolo Table, Black, $269
H. Drop Stool, Green, $139

Deep In The Heart of Texas

While decorating my soon-to-be-born baby’s nursery, I’ve been browsing Apartment Therapy and Ohdeeohmy bed! for cool, modern inspirations.  Today, I found these fantastic pillows, one of which I would love to have on.
You can find your state (and even customize the color and where your heart lies) at Love, California on Etsy.  This would actually make a perfect gift for my sister and her husband- two Texans living in California.  Nothing like getting some Christmas shopping done early!

Food Network Magazine: Trays!

High Fashion Home was mentioned in the May 2010 issue of Food Network magazine.  The Melamine Trays have been a big hit since the issue hit the newsstands.  This high concept gift makes for a wonderful Mother’s Day present and comes in a Champagne, Tea, and Breakfast theme. 

I *HEART* Emmas Design Blogg

Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssst! I have a little secret I have been guarding very carefully. It’s my borderline obsession with Emmas Design Blogg. I love Scandinavian design and white walls, muted palettes, pops of unexpected color, wood floors, gray and brown accents. (I lived for a year in Stockholm and to this day I want to move back. Jag alskar Sverige!) I used to save the photos she posted in my inspiration file but then I realized that I was saving basically every photo. Each day I pour over her blog to drool over some other perfectly lit airy space that could be a part of my ideal dream flat.
And then I added her blog to my blogroll of faves on my personal blog. But no one except my Mom and Dad read that. So now I’m sharing with you. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
(you’re welcome)

Top 100 Interior Design Blogs

Amy has compiled an excellent list of “Top 100 Interior Design Blogs.”  There are quite a few blogs on her list that I love.  The High Fashion Home Blog ranked #38 on the list.

Here is the excerpt from her list:

38. High Fashion Home : Anyone looking to decorate their homes or offices with trendy designer pieces will greatly enjoy browsing High Fashion Home’s extensive archive of photos and advice.