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Inspired by the Chicago Sunset

Situated on Michigan Avenue, the interior of this Chicago pied-à-terre was inspired by the steely grays, blues and golden rays seen at sunset. Chad James is the designing mind behind this calming, modern, sophisticated home. Bold art, unique lighting and plenty of neutrals complete the space.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Watercolor Wallpaper – Black Crow Studios

There is art and there is wallpaper and, thanks to Black Crow Studios, we have artful wallpaper!! Black Crow Studios designs unique and gorgeous wallpapers but, to me, their watercolor wallpapers are some kind of extra special. There is something so delicate and eye catching in the watercolor swirls and varying tones. Such a fan!!! Check out their Etsy shop too.

Fantastic pinks, a watercolor accent and our Bombay rug!
Photo from HGTV

Art, Retro, Glam!!

I just love this home! Every inch is so unique and vibrant with so many great prints and eye catching art. There is a retro vibe that runs through each room. Such a well thought out and stylish space but everything still feels laid back and welcoming. Love all of the lighting choices too!
(all photos from Domaine Home)

Darius Rucker’s Charleston Home

The Charleston home of Darius Rucker and his wife, Beth, is so wonderfully eclectic, stunning and inviting. Interior designer, Angie Hranowsky worked with Beth to create a unique, comfortable and functional home for the Rucker family and the end result is perfection. They packed so much incredible art, personality and color into every corner. Love it!
(all photos from Domaine Home)

Sam Allen Interiors

I love when designers feel comfortable throwing some fun around in the spaces they create; when they are not afraid to use color, prints, unique wall art, etc. Sam Allen gives that playfulness to each of his clients and creates interesting, sophisticated and one of a kind spaces.
(all photos from Sam Allen Interiors)

Robert Passal’s Colorful Miami Home

Color in a home can be hard to work with but when it’s done well, it is so inviting and fabulous! Robert Passal’s Miami home is a wonderful example of how to make color work and look so good doing it! So many shades of beautiful blue, pops of color throughout and LOTS of great art work, Robert’s home is sophisticated, vibrant and fun. Love!
(all photos from House Beautiful)

Sugarboo Designs

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a print of an elephant that had the words “Life Is Beauty Full” coming out of the elephants mouth. I have a soft spot for elephants but also the message is one I fully support. I scoured the internet trying to find out where the print came from and I finally found, Sugarboo Designs! It makes sense that the makers of such a wonderful print would have such a fabulously memorable name! Sugarboo also has cards, pillows and other fun things. I LOVE their creative, unique and quirky creations so much!!
(all photos from Sugarboo Designs Art Prints, Pillow Collection, Greeting Cards)

This is the one I fell in love with! It’s called – Smart Elephant
 Bird and Flower
 Good Egg
 Always Keep Your Beautiful
 Happy Flower
You Are the Apple of My Eye
 Cup of Tea
Black Bird in Flowers
Dreams Are Free
Yellow Flower