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Converted Churches!

Churches are known for their beautiful architecture, intricate stained glass, incredible stonework and delicate details. Ever wished you could convert a church into your home? Well, there are plenty of people out there doing just that! I came across this post on Apartment Therapy and the homes they featured are so amazing!!

 The first 3 pictures are of a home in Houghton, Australia.
 (photos from Desire to Inspire)

The next 3 photos are of a home in The Netherlands.
(photos from Zecc Architects)

Next 2 photos from Homedit.
 Check out the confetti floor!


And, lastly, a home in England. 
(photos from Homedit)

Love for Bedrooms!!

Ah, the bedroom; the sanctuary of a home. ‘Nuff said, I think. Here are some super bedrooms!

I love this room! All the colors! The prints!
I love the browns in this room. And that rug!! Love it!
(photo from Houzz)
Such a fantastical idea to do in a room!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Love the colors in this room. And the mirrored nightstands (VERY similar to our Ellery Nightstand!) on the sides look perfect!!
(photo from Funky Bear Decor)
 Simply gorgeous! Love all the white, the dark floors and if you’re lucky enough to have a view like this one…. YAY for you!! : )
(photo from Tiny White Daises)
A fabulous retro style room! 
(photo from Designer Homes)
(photo from Krisp Crumbs)
How about a red bed?
(photo from House Beautiful)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

In honor of Earth Day, which is this Sunday, April 22nd, I thought we should have a post dedicated to Earth friendly items and ways to lessen our carbon footprint. Whether it’s re-doing a piece of furniture rather than buying a new one or using natural, non-toxic household cleaners, every little bit helps and each of us can make a difference. HAPPY EARLY EARTH DAY!!

Painting your house is always a big job. Anna Sova created a line of home paints, texture and stucco that are made from 90% food materials! The paints are low VOC (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds) or no VOC. Your lungs will thank you and so will the atmosphere!
(here’s a 2011 Apartment Therapy article covering non-toxic paints)
Homemade household cleaners are so easy to make and MUCH gentler on the environment than most of the stuff you find in stores. A little water and vinegar makes for an EXCELLENT tile floor cleaner!
(photo from Young House Love. plus they have a great post covering homemade cleaners! Or this article from The Daily Green reviewing store bought natural cleaners)
 Eco-friendly furniture, such as our Leblon Coffee Table, uses reclaimed wood, sustainable and/or recycled material to create one of kind pieces. Items made from bamboo are also great to keep an eye open for! 
(here’s a great Tree Hugger article regarding going green with furniture)
 Reusable totes are great for ANY kind of shopping. This one is made from a recycled poultry feed bag by Recycled and Resewn. Also, reusing any plastic or paper bags you may already have is still helpful!
As we have covered before, organic cotton anything is much better for the environment than traditional, non-organic cotton items. Silk, hemp, jute and bamboo are more eco-friendly fabric options as well.
(photo from Coyuchi. And, here is a great Natural Environment article covering more eco-friendly fabrics)
Look for items that are upcycled, recycled or repurposed, like this Upcycle Pendant Lamp from CB2!
Need some upcycle inspriation? Check out this article from Top Online Engineering Degree. And, we all know how Real Simple gives us HUNDREDS of ideas for repurposing things!
And, of course driving a Hybrid car, car pooling, riding our bikes and just good old recycling of our paper, plastic and glass items are all great ways to be more green! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

Love for Kitchens!!

I wanted to spread some love for the kitchen this round. Often called the hub of a home, the kitchen is super important and in my opinion, should be a place that is comfortable for all to hangout as well as that place for cooking fabulous food for all to eat! Some inspiration follows…..

 I adore this rustic-y kitchen!! It’s a clean, simple design and the bar-stools at the island…. Perfect!
(photo from Pinterest)
Kinda small but so cute and so colorful!! Love it!
(photo from creamylife)
Oh my gosh!! How open, bright and gorgeous!!!
(photo from Heidi Claire)
Love this mid-century style kitchen!! All the color and those high open shelves! YES!
(photo from Design Sponge)
This kitchen has a very different look to it but it’s oh so lovely!!
(photo from Glamour Drops)
How fabulous is this kitchen?! All the color, the prints! It shouldn’t work but it so does!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Such a beautiful space. I love the island/free standing table. LOVE!
(photo from Elle Decor)
Oh my…. yes! Love, love! The chandelier is similar to our Metal and Glass Lantern.

BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman!!

I can’t remember where I first came across pictures of BG Restaurant but no matter… the place is beautiful so let’s focus on that! The restaurant is on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman in New York City and was designed by uber-talented, Kelly Wearstler (one of HF Guy’s faves!). I love the color palette and there are Dome Chairs galore! If you’ve never seen pictures, don’t worry, you’re about to. If you are ever in New York, make a reservation to eat there!
(photos from Apartment Therapy and Carlos Melia)

 I love the light fixtures!

 Oh! Are those our favorite Dome Chairs?? Sure enough! The mustard yellow is fantastic!

 The pale blue of one room leading to the yellow of the next room is unexpected but it works!

 So cozy and intimate. Gotta love the Dome Chairs in light blue too!

Wall Pockets!

I saw these cute wall pockets on Apartment Therapy today. They were designed by Tim Karoleff for Ampersand. The pockets are made from cardboard and I really enjoy the hexagonal shape with color on the inside peeking out. Cute, cute!
(photos from Apartment Therapy)

Room for Color Contest 2011!!

Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color Contest is on! They announced the beginning of the contest on October 22, 2011 and the deadline for entries is November 8, 2011. They are looking for any and all “color savvy” rooms. If you are proud of your colorific room, throw it on in the contest!! 
(all photos from Apartment Therapy)

2010’s US Winner was Joshua’s “Vintage Primary” Room. His room colors are muted teal, classic white, burgundy and caramel.

Tim’s “Yellow, Grey, Blue” Room was 2010’s International Winner.

2010 Finalist, Annalea’s “Keep On The Sunny Side” room.

2010 Finalist, Suzanne’s “Bohemian” Bedroom.

Another 2010 Finalist, Janelle’s “Viva La Femme” Room.