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Stunning in Shoal Creek

Richard Tubb and architect, Jeff Dungan, are the dynamic duo behind this incredible home in Shoal Creek, AL. With a neutral color palette, the textures, accents and timeless furniture pieces are allowed to take center stage. There is an effortless beauty that flows from room to room creating an inviting, elegant and comfortable home.
(all photos from Atlanta Homes Magazine)

Tracery Interiors

The spaces that designers at Tracery Interiors create are super classy and refined but still have elements of fun and unique to them. Timeless pieces and strong attention to detail keep their designs from looking dated and allow the space to easily change over time. Love their work!
(all photos from Tracery Interiors)

Elegant Alabama Home

There is a reason that most canvases are white. White is the perfect color on which to add color and create your masterpiece. Paige Schnell and Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors sure made an elegant work of art with this white canvas in Alabama. The base is so beautiful and crisp with clean lines that simple grays, pinks and natural woods pop to life. Simply gorgeous.
(all photos from House Beautiful)