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Incredible Before & After by Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors, I LOVE her work! We’ve bragged on the interior amazingness of Amber Lewis before and she has completely transformed this home into something quite special. Before Amber gave the house a face lift, each room was a bit lackluster and needed a little more personality. Layering accessories, adding colorful rugs, infusing each space with great texture, switching the dated pieces with beautiful modern furniture, took the home from eh to incredible!!
(all photos from Amber Interiors)

Shop Local: K & K Artistry

I just love this shop on Etsy! The designers behind K & K Artistry live here, in Houston, and create some of the most interesting jewelry and accessories I’ve seen! Enjoy. : )

 I love this Clockwork Clutter Necklace! She uses real watch pieces to fill the inside.

Watch Parts Steampunk Necklace. Actual watch faces used and set in resin.
Red and Cream Ribbon Cuff has leather flowers and brass gears. 
 Brass Steampunk Propeller Locket. A beautiful piece.

Hello, Yellow

Yellow may not be the first color that comes to mind when decorating a room but why not? It’s bright, cheery, adds a great pop of color and will fit it with the decor better than you think.

 The yellow sofa looks great in this room! There’s a lot of black and white in here and the yellow is a great compliment. Plus the orange of the flowers on the table and the kumquat tree just enhance the space. (photo from Better Homes and Gardens)

First, I love the idea of using decorative paper under a piece of glass to change the look of a bedside table. The lovely yellow and pink paper here just girlies up the table.

This floor is AMAZING!! I love the design and the shade of yellow is fantastic! The floor was a DIY project (using foam board to create the design) on Paisley Wallpaper
(photo found via Kathy Peterson Inspired)

See, the side tables could have very easily been black but the yellow looks so much better!
(photo from examiner

 The yellow doors look awesome!! 
(photo from Remodelista via Fancy House Road)

The yellow cabinets and counters are so fun and look great!

And then, you can always do the walls yellow with a beautiful wallpaper or paint.
(photo from High Fashion Home)

Inpirating Creations

I found really cool artwork that I’ve fallen in love with. It is from a website called Eyes On Walls and they work with artist to help publish their work to the masses. I think it is a great way to give artist a chance to be known for their work. The art is directed to the urban culture and have very modern and inspiring details. They have a handful of artist that they work with and I was so motivated by them that I decided to start painting again. Hopefully it inspires you as it has inspired me.

Rock The Summer by HR-FM

Ghetto Princess by Lora Zombie

All The Sky I Need by Manuel Rebollo

So Vain by Manuel Rebollo

Do You Pinterest?

My friend, Whitney, is a Pinterest-aholic. She is always Pinterest this, Pinterest that and for good reason. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest that you do. Pinterest describes their site as an “online pin-board community” where anything you love, find interesting or beautiful, places you want to visit etc. can be Pinned to your boards and shared with everyone who follows your boards. I have seen so many great design ideas, fabulous recipes and such; it’s fun. If you know someone who is already on Pinterest they can send you an invitation or you can request an invitation through the website. Check out some of the Pins.

 Glass Jar Pendants. Pinned by my friend, Christian.
(from West Elm)

 Another Pin from Christian. She loves the table from CB2.
 A Pin a la Whitney. I love this space too! 
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Another Pin from Whit. I want to be wherever this is!
(photo from homedsgn
 GREAT idea! A recessed wine bin in your picnic table.
(from Dwell)
 Another great idea Pinned by my cousin! Ribbon lampshade.

Or simply share things that make you laugh. This is pretty funny!

>Tug of War: Which living space do you like best?

>Ready for another round of tug of war? We have set up two great living rooms against each other. There’s Earthy Modern which contains the Cynthia sofa that is cute and small, great for apartment living. This room encompasses earth tones that set an easygoing mood. The mid-century modern style combined with the rustic elements all come together well because of the details in the room. Now, the Industrial Countryside Chic living area has a family feel. With the over-sized Andre slipcover sectional and it’s down blend cushions, thoughts of comfort and good entertainment come to mind. This room also has incorporated rustic elements, but it makes this room feel country the way it’s styled. Another difficult decision to go over, although not without rewards. Just Click here and you will be directed to our Facebook page. This is where you will leave a comment on your favorite and you can enter to win a $200 gift card to High Fashion Home. Hurry, this could be your reward!

Earthy Modern

Industrial Countryside Chic

>New Kids On The Block

>The S Chair and the Mib Chair seem to be bringing a little funk into society. I can tell you that if you need to change up your style, these two chairs will go a long way. Your friends will envy that they didn’t think of this idea first. Instead, they will be stuck with some ordinary plastic chairs that do not compare yours because you, of course, have exquisite taste. Do not fall behind, hold your head high and flaunt the designer inside!