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Sung as a Rug on the Wall!

I know this isn’t a new idea but I have been so inspired by all the rugs on the wall pictures I’ve been seeing! Sure, they look good on the floor too but sometimes they really do look better hanging front and center on your wall!

 How about this Postage Stamp Rug!! 
(photo via Postage Stamp Rugs)

I love the colors in this space, decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard! The rug looks perfectly at home above the bed!
(photo found via 75th and Sedgwick)
Another room with great color!! And the rug on the wall is by Thomas Paul.
(photo via Apartment Therapy)
Very neutral decor and a simple rug on the wall. 
(photo via The Lonny Blog)
 I love the idea of hanging the rug from ceiling to floor! And that small piece draping above the bed adds an interesting look.
Very cool rug! 
(photo via The Design Files)
Love everything about this dining space! The rug art is great!
(photo via Design Sponge)
Woody Wood Rug on the wall! Love that green dresser too!
(photo via YLDesign)