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Small but in Napa!

I love when small spaces are featured in magazines, blogs etc!! I love them even more when the small home looks as beautiful as Wendy Furman’s does. There is nothing flashy about her home and it has a calm, simplistic beauty to it. AND, it’s in Napa Valley!! Working with only 643 square feet can be tough but small changes can make a big impact in spaces like this one. She removed kitchen cabinet doors to open the space and took the divider out of an opening between the living room and kitchen creating more breathing room.
(all photos from Remodelista and you can see more of Wendy’s creations at Whim & Caprice)

 See! The space would have felt so claustrophobic without that opening in the wall! 

 The open shelving gives the kitchen more depth.

 I love her idea of using the contrasting gray paint in the back of the cabinet!!


 Long, low bookshelves provide plenty of storage space but don’t consume the room.