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2 Bar House in Menlo Park, CA!

I read about the lovely 2 Bar House via Dwell today. The environmentally conscious design was created by Feldman Architecture. The house boasts a lot of beautiful design and fantastic home ideas. The owners of the 2 Bar House have 2 young kids, so they wanted a home that would be kid friendly as well (mini rockwall in the bedroom, anyone?).  What do you think?
(all photos from Dwell)

Originally the family was going to go the prefab home way but that fell through and now they have this beautiful home. The slated screens upstairs help keep the heat from the sun at bay but still filter in natural light.
I love the huge doorway that just leads you right outside. Great deck too.
I have always been a fan of open spaces in a home and here the kitchen, dining and living rooms are in one big open space.
Pretty bamboo flooring.
 See! Here is the mini rockwall that takes the kids to their “secret” play space. I love this idea because it really would give their play area and very “kids only” feel; which would be exciting for them.
The play area.
 The master bedroom has a balcony with a green roof attached. I LOVE green roofs!

Such a beautiful sitting area right next to the green roof.
Beautiful home!