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House Beautiful’s – Shop America Stores, 2015!!

A couple of months ago, House Beautiful released their annual Shop America 2015 list. Their guide features the best shopping destinations in the country and High Fashion Home was honored with being a part of that list!! Thank you, House Beautiful for including us and thank you, Culturemap Houston for your generous write-up!!

Styling a Coffee Table, 3 Ways

Switching up accent pieces is a great way to easily (and inexpensively) change the look and mood of a space. Recently, A Beautiful Mess teamed up with HFH to create 3 different coffee table stylings, using our Brielle Cocktail Table as the foundation for these designs. Check out their ideas, below!!
(all photos from A Beautiful Mess)

Love the polyhedron!
The Everyday Look, with the Capri Candle in Volcano
The Friend Coming Over Look with fresh flowers and the Lotus Glass Tea Pot
The Party Time Look complete with little candy bowls and champagne!

Dana Wolter Interiors

I love when interior designers can flip back and forth between refined and neutral to whimsical and colorful; Dana Wolter is a designer that brilliantly executes that flip. Dana and her team blend rustic with elegant and classic with modern with exceptional attention to detail. Love their work! 
(all photos from Dana Wolter Interiors)

Tribeca Townhome

I love the variety of looks going on in this fabulous Tribeca home! Some rooms are super polished and refined while others are more relaxed and eclectic. Perfectly mixing colors, lots of texture, bold prints and unique accents, has created a warm, eclectic and inviting abode.
(all photos from Luxe Source)

Hampton Home of Katie Lee

You probably know Katie Lee from the Food Network and her fabulous cookbooks. If you have never seen her homes, you are missing out on some classic and beautiful design. Domino recently featured Katie’s Hampton home and there are a lot of special things going on in it! Katie worked with Nate Berkus to mix fantastic textiles, unique accents and timeless pieces to create a homey yet elegant abode.
(all photos from Domino)