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Exposed Ceiling Beams

I have long loved the look of exposed, wooden ceiling beams. Whether the ceiling is vaulted or straight, painted or natural wood (I do prefer the look of natural wood), exposed beams are a great visual addition to a space. You can even fake, exposed beams by installing natural wood on top of your existing beams. Here are some shots I found inspiring.

 (photo from Architectural Digest)

 (photo from Apartment Therapy)

(photo from Custom Made)
(photo from Casa Tres Chic)

(photo from Elle Decor)
(photo from BuzzFeed)
(photo from Fashion Freax)

The Home of Vince and Louise Camuto

From the crisp white background to the ornate molding and ceilings, beautiful furniture and big, open rooms, the home of designer, Vince Camuto, and his wife, Louise, is simply perfection!! Architect, Andre Tchelistcheff, created the home and interior designer, Carol Egan, filled it. Most everything is kept pretty classic and simple but everything (and I mean, everything) is of incredible design and attention to detail. Love, love, love!!
(all photos from Architectural Digest)

Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I have serious love for Moroccan Wedding Blankets. The combo of shaggy and sequiny on an usually ivory/off-white background is so simple and beautiful. I have wanted to acquire one for so long so I started looking for ideas on where to use one. Here is some inspiration that I found…..

 (photo from Zohi Interiors)
(photo from Remodelista)
(photo from Casas Con Estilo)
(photo from Boutique Moroc)

 (photo from Table Tonic)

 (photo from West Elm)
(photo from Glitter Inc.)
(photo from The Glitter Guide)

Manhattan Home of George Nunno

When you own a home store, one might expect that your own home would be spectacularly furnished and full of great design ideas. The home of George Nunno confirms that such an assumption is true. George is the owner of Flair, a Manhattan design store and his home is a superb blend of drama, whimsy, modern and eclectic.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

So Many Bedrooms, So Little Time

There are just SO many incredible bedroom design ideas out there!! I mean, every time I flip through Pinterest, decor blogs or any interior design magazine, I see gorgeous bedroom after gorgeous bedroom. I suppose this makes sense since we spend so much time in our bedrooms, why wouldn’t we want that spot to be the best space in our house? If you are in need of some bedroom decor ideas or if you just like browsing bedrooms, here you go….

 (photo from Centsational Girl)
(photo from House & Home
 (photo from Doug & Gene Meyer)
(Evening Oasis Room Idea from High Fashion Home)
(photo from La Dolce Vita)

(photo from Decor Pad)

 (photo from Veranda)

(photo from Veranda)
(photo from decor8)
(photo from La Dolce Vita)
(photo from House Beautiful)

CC’s 5 Faves – Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is so versatile and, in a room, can give a big reflection or just a small accent. Some pieces are mirrored all over while some are mirrored on the top, sides or front. Whatever design you choose, a mirrored item is an elegant and space enhancing piece for any room.
(all photos from High Fashion Home’s Mirrored Furniture)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Are you ready? Are your kids ready? If you are in need of some last minute Valentine decor or gift ideas, check out the pics below for some inspiration!

 LOVE these hombre Valentine’s trees!
(photo from Before Meets After)
Cereal boxes become Valentine’s card carriers.
(photo from Plaid Online)

Cute Valentine’s mason jars!
Cute heart tree.
(photo from Money Hip Mamas)
I Heart You banner.
(photo from Dimples and Tangles)
 Pom Pom Bouquet
(photo from Camille Styles)
Doesn’t always have to be pink and red.
Two of a Kind treats!
(photo from Spoonful)
Burlap and stick door hanger!! Cute!
(photo from TheSeptemberTree)