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House Beautiful’s Fresh Home Decor Ideas for 2014

Looking to update your home in the new year?! Even a small something can make a big impact on and bring great new energy to your space. House Beautiful recently shared their 12 Fresh Ideas for the New Year and we are sharing them. There is some really good stuff here!!
(all photos from House Beautiful)

Happy New Year!!

2013 is almost over; say hello to 2014!! You may be going to someone’s party or you may be throwing one yourself, either way, New Year’s Eve party decorations can be so fun!! Just about anything goes. If you need some last minute ideas, perhaps these will help. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Jillian Harris Interiors

I came across the work of Jillian Harris via House & Home (I love House & Home!). H & H showcased some of Jillian’s spaces and I wanted to share them. I love her mix of vintage and modern. Most of her designs have a white backdrop which allows all the little touches to pop!
(all photos from House & Home)

Tracery Interiors

The spaces that designers at Tracery Interiors create are super classy and refined but still have elements of fun and unique to them. Timeless pieces and strong attention to detail keep their designs from looking dated and allow the space to easily change over time. Love their work!
(all photos from Tracery Interiors)

Elegant Alabama Home

There is a reason that most canvases are white. White is the perfect color on which to add color and create your masterpiece. Paige Schnell and Doug Davis of Tracery Interiors sure made an elegant work of art with this white canvas in Alabama. The base is so beautiful and crisp with clean lines that simple grays, pinks and natural woods pop to life. Simply gorgeous.
(all photos from House Beautiful)

The Gorgeous Green Sofa

A fantastic green sofa will stop me in my tracks. Is it because green is my favorite color? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s because a luxurious green couch is so unexpected that you can’t help but stop and take a second look. Here are some shots to show what I mean.

(photo from Sketch42)
 And, I love the “Get It Girl” pillow
(photo from The Glitter Guide)
The William Sofa from High Fashion Home
(photo from IKEA)
 (photo fro DUSTJACKET)
(photo from Lilly Bunn Interiors)
(photo from Oh Joy!)

MSN’s Hottest Home Colors

If you are anything like me, then picking a new color for a room is no easy decision. There are so many to choose from, so many various shades and at some point, I almost give up and want to just leave it the color that it is! Ugh. MSN recently featured their Top 10 Home Colors so I thought I would share them. Maybe their suggestions will make choosing your next color, a little bit easier.

(photo from homedit)

(photo from Pinterest)