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The Home of Peter and Tara Guber

You might expect the Los Angeles home of an entertainment industry executive to be grandiose, extravagant and beautiful. The home of Peter Guber and his wife, Tara, proves that those assumptions would be true BUT their home offers some truly unexpected interior twists that make it completely unique and special. A mix of textures, materials, ornate and simple run throughout their home giving the whole place a supreme personality all it’s own.
(interior design by Nancy Heller – all photos from Architectural Digest)

Interiors by Berkley.

When you hire an interior designer to help you create your dream living space, you had better choose carefully. Ideally, they should know what you want before you even ask for it and be able to take the reigns and guide you when you are unsure yourself. I can honestly say, I would fully and completely entrust the interior of my home to Berkley Vallone. Her interiors are incredible with such an attention to detail and pretty things, textures and colors. Love, love, love!
(all photos from Berkley.)

Elle Decor’s Designer Visions Showhouse

Give Alessandra Branca a Manhattan duplex for Elle Decor’s Designer Visions Showhouse and she will give you a 100% unique and superbly different interior. Alessandra uses lots of red, a variety of prints and textures and it all works together. Branca’s rooms are bold, fun and full of great design.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Subway Tiles

I am loving subway tiles right now. They are so simple and clean looking and they work in just about any style of decor. Loving….

 (photo from TrendHome)
(photo from Desire To Inspire)

Maybe some mirrored subway tiles??
(photo from Troyer Builders)
(photo from decor happy)
(photo from Grays Lane)
(photo from Amy Howard)

The Wrubel Home

I stumbled upon the Wrubel home tonight, via Our Style Stories, and I found it very inspiring. Steve, Lucy and Stella Wrubel live in this fantastic Dallas home. They are not afraid of big, statement pieces, they embrace the rainbow and they include whimsical touches all over the place. Love.
(all photos from Our Style Stories)

J. Marx Atelier

Jessica Marx is a busy lady! Jessica started her lifestyle blog, Life’s Little Gems, in 2010. Not long after that, Jessica founded J. Marx Atelier, “a full service design company creating interesting, innovative and thoughtful products and environments.” (J. Marx Atelier did the Shoedazzle offices too!) Then, in 2011, Jessica opened Life’s Little Gems – The Shoppe, an online store with vintage finds. WHEW!

Jessica’s designs are so stylish, glamorous and unique.  Each home/space that she does looks spectacular and has little touches that you may not see immediately but reveal themselves slowly, which is so fantastic! I love her work!
(all photos from J. Marx Atelier)

Not Your Ordinary Beach House

When Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts set out to design a brand new beach house for a family of seven, they wanted to get everything just perfect. They wanted this Hamptons home to be sophisticated and sleek but still laid back and comfy enough for the five kids (ages 3 to 15) that would live there. Well done!
(all photos from Elle Decor)