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Terrifically Tiled in Morocco!!

When I first looked at the pictures of this home, I thought, WOW! what fabulous tiles!! Then, I read the article and it turns out, the couple that own the home, also own a tile company called Popham Design.Of course they will have fantastic tile in their house. Bold tile designs, stripes and great bursts of color make Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes’ Marrakech home truly unique.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Interiors by Emily Johnston Larkin (EJ Interiors)

I love supporting local businesses and it just so happens that interior designer, Emily Johnston Larkin (EJ Interiors), is based in Dallas, Texas!! A mere 3.5 – 4.5 hour drive (depending on how speedy you are) from Houston.

I really enjoy Emily’s sophisticated design approach and her bold wallpaper and color choices are fantastic! D Home Magazine also selected Emily as one of the best interior designers in Dallas! Here is some of her work –

 (photo from EJ Interiors via  Decor Pad)
 Additional view of the same room as above
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo from EJ Interiors via HGTV)
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo via Decor Pad)
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)

Amazing and Unique Kids Rooms!

While those of you reading this are probably not kids, maybe you have one, two or three (maybe not). I got to thinking earlier about how I never post anything about kids rooms. I usually look for bedroom, living room etc. inspiration but not usually kids room ideas. And, why not? Maybe you are looking for that just right idea for the kids’ room and who am I to stand in the way of you finding such inspiration. Exactly…. so here are some truly awesome kids room ideas!

 Photo from Mom Toob
Photo from Babble
Photo from Swift Orchids
Photo from Dump A Day
 Photo from Vogue Magazine
Photo from Yahoo

Fantastic DIY’s!!!

Last week, we blogged about Sarah M. Dorsey and her fabulous DIY grasscloth + nailhead feature wall. Looking at her fantastic idea got me looking for other incredible DIY creations and there are LOTS!! Get inspired and go DIY!!!!

Interiors by Nichole Loiacono

Nichole Loiacono has an eye for small, funky details. Whether it’s a little room accessory or a swan shelf for the wall, Nichole finds eclectic pieces that add character to the spaces she designs. Love her work!
(all photos from Nichole’s website and blog)

Fabulous DIY – Grasscloth + Nailhead Feature Wall!!!

I don’t know about you guys but I always get inspired by incredible DIY projects. I am first amazed by what people think of to create or makeover ideas to transform one thing into something completely different. Then, when those people actually follow through and bring their ideas to life….. Mind blowing and super inspiring!!

Sarah M. Dorsey is one of those creative and inspiring DIYers. Sarah combined plywood, grasscloth wallpaper, nailheads and trim to construct a truly fabulous DIY “grasscloth + nailhead feature wall“. Her feature wall adds an extra special something to her bedroom and she didn’t have to destroy the actual wall to achieve this look (the feature wall is easy to take apart and move). I love her idea so much!!!
(all photos from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs and East Coast Creative)

The Home of Carlos Mota!

The interior of Carlos Mota’s New York home has a very “anything goes” vibe and it works! Lots of color, lots of prints and chunky, quirky art makes Carlos’ home a very visually fun place but it doesn’t over do it; the playfulness is just right.
(all photos from Architectural Digest)