"Bohemian Apartment" in New York

Now, I’ve heard of a funhouse before (usually found at carnivals) but this New York apartment is a FUN HOUSE! There is so much going on in here and lots of the rooms make me feel as though I am looking at a Wes Anderson movie set. You can tell that Incorporated Architecture & Design put a lot of thought into this place to inject it with kid friendly design while still making it a place that mom and dad can live in too. You’ll see what I mean….
(all photos from Contemporist via Design Milk)

 Now, I know that this is probably too much for some people but I love the creativity and colorful design in this home! And the neutral wood paneled walls are so beautiful.
 An indoor playhouse for the kids! CUTE!!
 Obviously the most tame room in the home is mom and dads. Love the antique panel against the wall.

Love the tiled accent.

4 thoughts on “"Bohemian Apartment" in New York

  1. Kat

    My favorite is definitely the bathroom with the accent behind the sink. Taking the accent to the floor is pretty sharp. Then the sofa/ottomans are very fun. If those were in my home..my son may insist on keeping the ottomans next to the sofa like that in order to run and jump all over it (all of the time). *sigh*Okay. Much respect to the design of the play areas/bunks/hideaways. There’s a lot of colors going on, but I think it works with the playfulness of the space.That “wall treatment” in the dining space is a custom birch wood sliding screen. As in slabs of birch wood. I don’t think I could do that. Sliding screens are a pain at best…to have one like that…pretty to look at, totally impractical in all other aspects.

  2. CourtC

    Kat, thank you again for all of your thoughtful comments! I too LOVE the accent behind the sink. Looks so good. Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  3. CourtC

    Kenneth, it is an extremely creatively designed home! I'm happy you enjoyed the post.Thank you so much for reading and your comment!! 🙂


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