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Love from The Washington Post!!

We are always flattered when magazines, newspapers, blogs etc., mention us in their room makeover ideas. Recently, designer Jennifer Snowden answered a room design issue that was sent to The Washington Post (Home and Garden section) and she suggested High Fashion Home’s Wright Desk be used in the redo. Thanks for the love, Jennifer!!
(photos from Washington Post and big thank you to Shaaron V. for bringing this mention to our attention!!)

This is the actual photo submitted to The Washington Post for makeover help. Shejal Desai and her husband, Joshua Carpenter, wanted to use their extra room for “art projects, reading and playing music” but wanted to add some style to the space.

Designer Jennifer Snowden, drew out her ideas for the space, which include various textures, patterns and colors. And, look! There’s HFH’s Wright Desk against the wall. : ) Love the plan that Jennifer came up with for Joshua and Shejal! 

Bridgehampton Beauty

We all know “The Hamptons”, right? Known for the lush landscape, beautiful homes, great beaches, exclusivity, polo and The Barefoot Contessa, The Hamptons is a much sought after location for those wanting “the best”. Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts are responsible for designing this Bridgehampton hideaway. With a flowing grey, white and blue theme, this Hampton home has a very modern vibe but Haynes and Roberts didn’t ignore it’s classic roots.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

CC’s 5 Faves – New Items

It can be hard to keep up with all the new items that come through the High Fashion Home doors, so I am sharing my 5 fave new pieces with you. If you want to see more than these 5, check out our What’s New page at!

Grand Entrance!

Past the front door, the entryway is the first spot your guests experience when they visit your home. What do you want that first impression to look like? Whether yours is just a small hall space or a medium size room, don’t overlook it. The entry is a chance for you to give a decorative glimpse of the rest of the house. Here are some inspiring entryway pics!

I love everything about this entryway!! The wallpaper, the light, the colors and it’s so roomy!
(photo from First Sense)
Simple and lovely!
(photo from Decoist)

 Love all the blues and that wallpaper!!
Just one wall. They could have left it naked but this looks is so much more complete and fabulous! Our Regiment Suitcase Stack Chest would look great here!
(photo from My Home Look Book)

 Need some extra storage space? This design is perfect.
(photo from Rooms We Heart)

 Love the floor to ceiling mirror!
(photo from Pinterest)

 Just a tiny spot by the stairs but it looks great!
(photo from Alter Ego Diego)

Memorial Weekend Tent Sale @ High Fashion Home!

Our Tent Sale is back! The tent will be packed full of items right outside our Houston store. We are partnering with our manufacturer, FOUR HANDS, to bring close to $1,000,000 of inventory from their warehouse to our tent. The Tent Sale starts at 10 a.m. this Friday through Monday (May 24th – 27th). From industrial modern to eclectic chic, there will be truckloads of amazing furniture from all of over the world. Enjoy 50-75% savings off while supplies last.

Feast your eyes on a few standouts that will be available:
Montana Coffee Table.  Was $946.  Now $473
Congo Round Dining Table.  Was $1440.  Now $720.


Shanxi Sideboard.  Was $1840.  Now $920.

Adria Dining Table.  Was $2410.  Now $1205.

Celebrity Bedrooms!!

The bedroom is our sanctuary. It’s where we unwind, relax and lay our heads down at the end of the day. Now, I’m sure that celebrities do the same stuff in their bedrooms as we all do in ours but my bedroom is not quite on the same level of fabulous as some of these so I use these for inspiration!!

 One of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s lovely bedrooms!

Jonathan Adler likes his room with yellow and lots of mirrors.
(photo from Elle Decor)
Christina Aguilera goes for the drama!
(photo from CNN Money)
 Betsey Johnson is NOT afraid to use some color!
(photo from Covert Garden)
 I love all the gorgeous wood work in Cher’s AMAZING bedroom!
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith…. INCREDIBLE!!
(photo from Fab Furnish)
 Comfy and cozy, JLo style!
(photo from Fab Furnish)
Another Cher bedroom. I love her style!
(photo from Front Door)