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Vintage Peacock Headboards!!

I’d like to thank my friend, Betsy, for the inspiration behind this post! Thanks, Betty. : ) My parents had a headboard just like these when I was a kid. If I’d have known that their headboard would one day become a much sought after home decor item, I would have helped them take better care of it! These headboards are so simple and beautiful.
(found one on Etsy)

(photo from Rikshaw Design)
(photo from 64 in the Box)
(photo from tumblr)
(photo from Pinterest)

(photo from ish & chi)

(photo from Houzz)

Mismatched Dining!!

Whether you do it or not, like it or not, mismatched dining chairs are on trend right now. Different colors, different designs, different materials…. What are your thoughts on mismatched dining chairs?

 (photo from Apartment Therapy)

 (photo from Vintage Luxe)

 (photo from House Beautiful via Katy Hahn Designs)
 (photo from the decorista)
(photo from Live Breathe Decor)

(photo from creamylife)
(photo from furnishing my home!)

Pretty In Pastels!!

With Spring springing and Easter right around the corner, pastels are everywhere!! Soft, subtle and a light touch of color, pastels can work anywhere. Check out some ideas –

Love the light pinks!
(photo from Raellarina)
Different shades of blue
(photo from Gramercy)
Not sure about that carpet but I love the rest.
(photo from we heart it)

 It’s just the chair. And it makes all the difference.
(photo from 79 ideas)

A couple of chairs is even better!
(photo from 79 ideas)

 Pastel pink and pastel orange chairs. Yes!
(photo from Daily Dream Decor)

Gorgeous kitchen!!
(photo from decoist)

 So fabulous!
(photo from Interiorholic)

I Love House Beautiful!!

I hadn’t visited House Beautiful in awhile do I decided to pop over to their site and see what’s shakin’ with them. Of course, the first thing I see on their page is “Spring Inspired Spaces“!! Love. All the colors, the prints!! So fabulous. Here are some shots of the Spring Spaces House Beautiful had to offer!!
(all photos from House Beautiful. Oh! And they have a Pin It To Win contest going on too!!)

World Water Day Celebration!

Water is something that a lot of us take for granted.  Having clean, drinking water is akin to the sun rising every morning.  We assume both will just happen.

As it turns out, one out of every nine people in the world do not have access to clean water.   The impact from the global water crisis is 3.4 million people dying each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes.  Often times, the burden of water collection from remote wells falls upon women and children in developing countries.

Today is World Water Day.  Make a difference and stand up for a cause where small contributions can make a big impact.  Check out the folks over at  They do a wonderful job working towards real solutions.  Let’s help make the world a better home.

Other organizations addressing the water crisis:

Plate Collages!!

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and sometimes in the form of plates. A great plate collage on the wall can be just the statement piece your space was missing. Plate collages are super versatile too. Mix and match plates, matchy match them all, use different sizes and shapes….. Here is some inspiration!

A great mix of white and color!! Love.
(photo from shelterness)
Lovely blue and white arrangement.
(photo from LivingEtc. via Remodelista)

Colorful and spaced.
(photo from Houzz)

Even half plates and 3/4 plates! Love the squared off look of this setup.
(photo from Pinterest)
High Fashion Home’s Green Free Form Lily Plates alone would do the job!
Outdoor plate collage!!
Love the placement of this collage!
(photo from Pinterest)

ColorFULL in New York!!

Color and cubism come together to create this eye popping Shelter Island home! Architects Stamberg Aferiat + Associates designed this house to blur the line between art and architecture. The obvious retro vibe inside and out also adds to the playfulness of the house. I know not everyone loves this much color (or even half this much color) but it’s great to see a home that looks like it was a BLAST to create!
(all photos from Contemporist)