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Stressless Ekornes Has Landed!

High Fashion Home is proud to introduce Stressless Recliners.  Design, function, and comfort are at the heart of the Stressless concept.  You really do need to sit on them to fully appreciate the ergonomics and comfort.  Come by to our 4th floor to experience it for yourself.  The full Ekornes Catalog can be download here.

 A picture says a thousand words.

A Model’s Home!!

Tamzin Greenhill wasn’t always an interior designer (well, she was in her heart). Tamzin got her start with modeling, then tried owning a lingerie boutique only to ultimately land on her true love, interior design. She is not afraid to mix colors, prints, furniture styles, big art, little art and funky in betweens all in the same room and her New York home is proof of that. Love, love, love it so!(all photos from Elle Decor)

Small and Sleek in Sydney!!

Small homes can be a tough beast to tackle. Where to fit everything and still have space to move around and live? Minosa Design Studio took a modest, two level home and gave it a bunch of style, lots of function and still had plenty of room for break dancing. The kitchen has white, sliding doors that hide the pantry and all the cabinets which gives the space a clean, spacious feel. Plus, they created a  pretty amazing kitchen table that is actually much bigger than it looks.
(all photos from freshome)

The Home of The Remodelista!

Francesca Connolly is one of the brain’s behind Remodelista; an uber popular design website (I’m sure you know it and her). Francesca recently let Elle Decor in for a tour of her Brooklyn townhouse. With the help of Steven Harris and interior designer, Lucien Rees Roberts, the Connolly home is understated but still eclectic, classy and full of personality. Love.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Google’s New Tel Aviv Office!!!

Holy cow! If this is an office building, what the heck do the rest of us work in?! Google recently unveiled their new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel and WOW! 85,000 square feet (7 floors) of unique and inspirational work space. Nothing about this office looks conventional (well, except for the actual cubicle area). Color is around every corner, there are so many fabulous prints everywhere, an over-sized surf board conference table, a gym and a slide… even a sitting area that looks like the outdoors! Google, I already knew that you were awesome but this just raised my level of respect for you. AMAZING!
(all photos from freshome)

Kitchen a la Cubism!

This is a kitchen gone crazy! Cubism in the Kitchen, by Gemelli Design Studio, takes traditional kitchen design and turns it on it’s ear. Thinking as much about the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen as well as functionality (even though it’s shelves and cabinets are not perfectly squared), Gemelli Studios has created a kitchen that I’m sure will get people talking AND really wake you up in the morning!
(all photos from Design Milk)

Making The World a Better Home (Update)

Approximately 4 million trees were lost in the destructive Texas wildfire in 2011.  High Fashion Home and Arbor Day Foundation will plant  30,705 trees in 2013 towards the Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign.  And we are hoping to plant considerably more.  Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for contributing to such a worthwhile cause. High Fashion Home might be just one store.  But when working together with great people and incredible organizations, we can start making a difference.

As of December 31, 2013, High Fashion Home and the Arbor Day Foundation have committed to planting 46,445 trees around the world.