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Fire It Up!!

We don’t have a tremendous need for fireplaces in Houston but this latest cold snap got me thinking about them. Not to mention, I have been smelling neighboring fireplaces all night tonight. Love that smell. You can do A LOT with your fireplace and turn it into an amazing room centerpiece. Some inspiration….. traditional and not so traditional options.

(photo from Pinterest)

Love this stand alone fireplace! Just make sure your kids watch out. 
(photo from The Style Files)
The Zeta EcoSmart Fire is so different!
(photo from NUVO)
 Beautiful fireplace in this amazing farmhouse!
(photo from Houzz)
(photo from lamb & blonde)
 LOVE this space!!
(photo from Tumblr)

Great Gifts in Store!!

Christmas time is here! 
The 25th is near.  
If little gifts are all you need, 
HFH has got your gear!!
(this little ditty was sung in my head to the tune of Christmas Time Is Here from Charlie Brown – I won’t win any awards but hey, there it is : )
So, obviously, I wanted to share some of what we have in store that would make GREAT stocking stuffers or fun, silly gifts. We’ve got LOTS!

 I love Mr. Tea Infuser. He’s super cute and highly functional. For tea lovers everywhere!
The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board for precise cutting.
 Gummy Bear Lights!! What kid wouldn’t love this?! (some adults too)
 The Flipper Guitar Spatula – for the musician in your family.
Adorable Animal Crayons for your little artist!
Solar Queen. She’s got a solar panel on her handbag that makes her wave. She’s so Green.
There’s no “dislike” button on Facebook but you can have a stamp instead with the Like/Dislike Stamps!!

 Clink! Ball Game Glass. Have a drink and play a game at the bottom of your glass! Challenge yourself.

Wine Bottle Thermometer for the wine enthusiast in the fam!

Small and Splendid in Sweden!

I love it when people can take a small space (in this case 630 square feet) and turn it into an incredible living space that doesn’t skimp on anything. This attic apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is so charming and fits so much style and function within it’s 4 walls. All the windows and the long wooden deck help make the apartment feel bigger too. Love it!
(all photos from Freshome)

John Robshaw Beds!!

Last week, we posted about John Robshaw’s textile-rific apartment and many of you commented on loving the bed in his bedroom so I thought I would share pictures of Mr. Robshaw’s NEW Headboard line!! They are fabulous shapes and you can get them in ANY of the lovely fabrics by John Robshaw. Feast your eyes!!!
(all photos from John Robshaw’s website)

 The Kerala Bed with the handpainted Pink Elephant Pillow and the Danda Bedding.

The Bihar headboard with the Han Clay Bolster.

The Orissa headboard with the Raatha Bedding.