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Funky Caslte in Geneva!

This castle home is owned by Prince Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and his wife, Clotilde Courau. This is NOT your typical castle….. or at least not what you might picture when you think, castle. The outside does feature the stonework that you may expect but once inside, the colors, furniture designs and whimsical touches give this castle a completely different feel. What do you think??
(all photos from Elle Decor)

All Hallow’s Eve!!

It’s 2 days away! Halloween is my FAVORITE! I so look forward to this day/night all year long. Decorating the house for this candy and spook filled night is so fun and if you are still not quite finished with your decorations, here are some pics of inspiration. You can go for all out creepy or choose a more kid friendly theme. Either way, have fun decorating it up!

(photo from Vintage Mint)
 LOVE the homemade aliens and spooky creatures in the windows!
(photo from Fork Party)
Cute idea and a great way to reuse old milk/water jugs. The kids can help make them! : )
(photo from eighteen25)
 Very inviting!
(photo from BHG)
Spooktacular cemetery in your front yard.
(photo from Martha Stewart)
(photo from Pinterest)

Making The World a Better Home

Approximately 4 million trees were lost in the destructive Texas wildfire in 2011.  High Fashion Home and Arbor Day Foundation  have thus far committed to planting 25,525 trees in 2013 towards the Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign.  And we are hoping to plant considerably more.  Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for contributing to such a worthwhile cause. High Fashion Home might be just one store.  But when working together with great people and incredible organizations, we can start making a difference.

Hemp House!

A house made with hemp you ask? Yes! Tony Budden and Duncan Parker worked with Michael Orchard of New Earth Architecture and Wolf & Wolf Architecture to create this South African home where they used lots of the underrated hemp. Hemp insulation, hempcrete used to make the external walls and 85% of the furniture and cabinetry is made from hempboard. The Hemp House also boasts numerous other eco-friendly design innovations. A beautiful home that is earth friendly with forward thinking design. Well done.
(all photos from Inhabitat)

Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates!!

The Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates is the most INCREDIBLE door I have EVER seen!! The Curtain Door was created using 40 sections of Burma teak, pulleys, ball bearings, wire rope, a counterweight and imagination! Reminds me of piano keys. So impressive and beautiful.
(photos from freshome)

Pit House!!

The Pit House by UID Architects is so different and quite interesting. The interior is multi-level, rounded and your seat on the sofa gives you a street level view of the outdoors. The main floor of the home is built one meter off of the ground but has a sunken area in the middle of the home that is almost a below ground floor. The pictures will show you what I mean. Love it!
(all photos from Contemporist)