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Loft Beds!!

Loft beds are GREAT space saver/creators so they work well in small spaces. Don’t confuse loft beds with bunk beds. Loft beds do not have beds below them like bunk beds do. For me, there is just something so private and “my own secret haven” about loft beds. They are definitely not just for kids. Love ’em.

 See it over there in the corner? LOVE it!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

The open space below allows for more sitting room.
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
 My daughter would LOVE this! ha. So would I.
(photo from HGTV)
Love it! Bed above the closet!
(photo from Houzz)
LOTS of open space under there!
So lovely and romantical. 
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Room For Color 2012

Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color Contest is on! If you consider yourself a master of color combos and are proud of a particular color palette in your home, send off your picture to enter. Here are some of the previous winners – Hmmmm. Lots of blues.

 2011 Winner, Alison

2010 Winner, Joshua
2009 Winner – Beth
2008 Winner – Jesse

Ravishing Red!

Red. So romantic, so glamorous, so….. versatile. Red can be used in so many different ways to change-up a room. It can be bright and cheery and also deep and dramatic. If you’ve wanted to add some red to your space but need some motivation, here you go!

 Touches of red.
(photo from Elle Decor via Pinterest)

 Love those red chairs at the table!
(photo from Desire to Inspire)

There is a lot going on in this room. The red walls just jump out at you! The black and white touches go well in the space.
(photo via Tumblr)
 How about a red ceiling instead??
(photo from Plenty of Colour)
 Love the red breakfast nook!
(photo from Elle Decor via Color Sizzle)
Love the blues and reds in this room.
(photo from decorista daydreams)
Red velvet sofa with pink walls!
A bright red shelf hiding in the corner!
(photo from Elle Decor)

Ennis Lamp!

Flipping through my mother’s Real Simple magazine, I came across a lamp that I KNEW I had seen before. I have loved this lamp before….. haha. That sounds all dramatic. But seriously, Real Simple featured the Ennis Lamp (also sold at High Fashion Home) as part of their “40 Elegant Home Furnishings” in this months issue. The Ennis was added to the list by interior designer, Jon Call who had this to say about the lamp – “When you buy a lamp, you often have to change the shade, but this is perfectly proportioned and complementary. The base adds pattern to a room. I’ve flanked a bed with a pair.” Well done, Ennis Lamp! Thank you to Real Simple and Jon Call!

We actually blogged about the Ennis Lamp a year ago as part of CC’s 5 Faves – Lighting. Such good taste. ; )

Carolina Herrara Baez’s Madrid Home!!

I came across the home of Carolina Herrera Baez (daughter of uber famous fashion designer, Carolina Herrera) via Elle Decor. Carolina Jr. does her own interior designing mixing and matching colors and patterns and making over old and found furniture. Her Madrid apartment is full of color and style and there is one decor dtail that I think is particularly fabulous!!
(photos from Elle Decor)

 The suzani upholstered settee is fantastic! But that’s not the decor idea I was talking about but the touch is in this room.

 So lovely.

 There it is! I absolutely LOVE the jute ribbon trim with hammered nails on the walls!!! So subtle and different and so fabulous!!

"Trashy" Construction!!

A home with glass bottle walls? A house with an exterior covered in old bottle caps? 5,000 glass bottles, 30,000 bottle caps, 1.5 million plastic bottles?! People all over the world are taking what would usually wind up in their landfills or waterways and using them to build walls, homes for families or simply giving the outside of their house a seriously colorful facelift! See what I mean….

 Olga Kostina of Russia has collected THOUSANDS of bottle caps over the years that she hammers one by one to the outside of her home to create colorful patterns and even some animal pictures. She is amazing!! 
(photos from Tree Hugger)
 A close-up if the individually hammered caps.

Olga Kostina
 Men in Nigeria are using old plastic bottles filled with dry soil to build 3 room structures for families. 
(photos from Tree Hugger)

 A recycled soup-can pavilion in Bat-Yam, Israel serves as art and a seating spot. 
(photos from Recyclart)
 Another Olga of Russia, Olga Queen, spent 6 months collecting the glass bottles to use as the walls for her home! Incredible. 
(photos from Tree Hugger)
Olga Queen
 The EcoARK in Taiwan was constructed using 1.5 MILLION plastic bottles!!! Yes, you read that correctly.
(photos from Tree Hugger)

Love for Canopy Beds!!

I never got to have a canopy bed when I was younger (still don’t) but I always wanted one. There’s just something so romantic and luxurious about canopy beds. Soak up the fabulousness!

So awesome! So bright!

Oh so gorgeous!
(photo from Shelterness)
Round bed and round canopy. Nice!
(photo from We Heart It)
More romantical gorgeousness! 
(photo from House Beautiful)
 A rustic canopy setup! 
A very unique canopy bed idea.
(photo from Pinterest)