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HFH Labor Day Pickers Sale!

This weekend we are setting up shop outside and placing a canopy in front of our store. What for? For all those antique pickers in the greater Houston area. This Pickers Sale will have an assortment of worldly antiques to sort through and hopefully there’s a little treasure to be found for everyone. Be like the American Pickers and find the greatest value in what was once someone elses. This vintage antique sale will be one to remember! You never know what you may find.  Your treasure awaits! 

The sale starts this Saturday through Monday (09/01/12 – 09/03/12).  Quantities very limited.

Zero-Carbon House!!

Imagine if your home were as earth friendly as it was functional. The home at 58 Stevens Street in Australia is just that. To be deemed zero-carbon, the home has to generate as much power as it uses thereby giving it no carbon footprint. Earthcare Developments worked with Officer Woods Architects and used software created by eTool to develop the Earth respecting townhome. Most of the materials to build the home were salvaged from the home site and 90% of whatever was left over was recycled. All of these fabulous Earth respecting facts aside, the home is beautiful and unique. Way to go to all involved!!!
(photos from Inhabitat and Earthcare Developments)

Mobile Beach Hut!!

Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of house, someone comes along and presents something like this mobile beach cabin! Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects created these “huts on sleds” in coastal erosion zones in New Zealand. The portability of the house is important because in these erosion zones the landscape can change drastically so being able to move the home to a more secure location is key. BUT, the house is not short on awesome! It accommodates a family of 5, has everything a house needs, can be closed up completely when not in use and looks good while doing all that! Sign me up!!
(photos from Remodelista)


Back to School!!

In honor of most kids returning to school this week, I have been searching the net for interesting back to school ideas or really just anything school-ish. I came across some fun things that I thought worth sharing.

LOVE this idea for a lunch chart. It gets the kids involved AND takes the brain power needed to come up with yummy ideas each day, away from you. 
(idea, photo and downloads from Martha Stewart)
Give the kids a place to hang their backpacks. And the corkboard is great for pinning schedules, events or whatever else. 
(photo from Houzz)
If you do need some lunch inspiration, this blog has some great resources.
(photo from Moms by Heart)
A wonderful idea for storing your kids artwork!
(idea and photo from Martha Stewart)
How about a back to school party! Too late for this year but a good idea for next year!
(photo from Tutto Bella)
Kids don’t usually get to draw all over the chalkboards at school so bring the chalkboard home!
(photo from City Grace)

Map It!!

We use maps to help us get where we need to go. We use them as inspiration for the trips we will take one day. What about using them in your home decor? Throw a big one up on the wall, several small ones in frames or even with pillows. Maps offer a unique look to a room and they are educational too! : ) Check out these ideas.

 Different shapes, size and frame colors! Love!
(photo from Twig Home)

photo from Pinterest
 Distressed Map of Africa by Leftbank Art
(photo from High Fashion Home)
Super cute on dresser drawers!!
Fantastic in a kids play room!
(photo from Pinterest)
Cute idea with hearts and small frames.
(photo from Home Jelly, formerly DiggersList)
By the stairs.
(photo from Bravo TV)
Map Pillows
(photo from Atelier 688 via  Houzz)

Rug Layering!!

Sure, one rug is good but two can look GREAT! Layer rugs of different textures, prints and colors to give your room a new look. Here’s some inspiration.

Love the colors in these rugs!
(photo from Emmas DesignBlogg)
How about an animal skin rug on top of seagrass or jute?
(photo from Mix and Chic)
LOVE all the color in this rug by Amber Lewis
(photo and textile from Amber Interiors via Because It’s Awesome)
 Lots of beautiful blue here!
(photo from Kishani Perera)
Gorgeous Turkish Rugs!
(photo from House Beautiful)
You can still use your small area rug! Just on top of another one.
(photo from The Decorologist)
Same style of rug just in different sizes!
(photo from Kika Reichert)
(photo from HGTV)
Down the hallway.
(photo from Posh.)

Aluminum Clad House!

Forget bricks and stucco! Let’s go for an aluminum exterior! Dutchess House No. 1 (designed by Grzywinski+Pons) in Millerton, New York is so eye-catching with it’s aluminum cladding, wooden panels and yellow doors. I really love the yellow doors! The interior is very simple and charming. And nature abounds just outside every door and window.
(home found via freshome – all photos from Grzywinski+Pons website)