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Reese Witherspoon’s California Beauty!!

I’d like to thank Elle Decor for sharing the lovely Ojai home of Reese Witherspoon with us. I love the mix of old and new and the subtle, lived in style of her house. Reese and her friend, designer Kristen Buckingham, worked together to create the beautiful interior of this Wallace Neff designed home. I love all the arches and the woodwork is gorgeous. And, I love this quote from Reese when referring to the history of the home, “When you buy a beautiful piece of art, you don’t really own it. You’re just the caretaker.”

 Love the alcove bed and that vintage chair is fantastic!

All the different seating options around the table give the space a very interesting look.

 Oh so cozy!

 Love the exposed beams and hearty wood floor.

 So fabulous

All About the Vanities!!

I always loved watching my grandmother put her make-up and jewelry on at her vanity. I have very vivid memories of sitting on her little bench (once she was finished) and going through all her lipsticks and earrings, rings and necklaces…. what fun! Now that I’m a grown-up (haha) I would love to have my own vanity that my daughter could play at when I’m finished decorating my face. Here’s some vanity inspiration (mirrored vanities are very popular) –

 Love the mirrored vanity!
(photo from Graham and Green)
 Love everything about this!!
(photo from Pinterest)
(photo from Graham and Green)
 So fabulous!
(photo from this blogspot)
Love all this pink and the pop-up mirror in this vanity!!
(photo from here)
This mirrored vanity is very antique-y and beautiful. I LOVE all the pictures stuffed around the frame of the mirror!!
(photo from Lauren Conrad)
Very simple and lovely.
(photo from Houzz)
Love the color, the dress form…. everything!!

Monte-Silo House!!

I have always thought that living in a round house would be neat! Today I saw this little blurb about round houses on MSN. The Monte-Silo home they listed really caught my eye and I wanted to share it. It has a very unique exterior (the house is made from 2 linked corrugated metal grain silos), a beautifully interesting interior and it’s located close to the Provo River in Utah (beautiful views!).
(home design by Gigaplex Architects and photos from Contemporist)


DumpTruck Design!!

Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed steel. Antique furniture being given new life and a makeover. Custom cabinetry and commercial work. Incredible, one of a kind pieces. Welcome to DumpTruck Design. Located on Washington Ave., right here in Houston, DumpTruck Design produces the most original, creative and beautiful work! Cory Wagner leads the crew at DumpTruck in creating unique and interesting pieces for their clients. Well done!

 Dual Chairs designed by Cory Wagner and Marty Joyce. A broken antique chair given new life.

 Dual Chair 1. Made from Antique Rosewood and Steel.

 Custom cabinets made from reclaimed wood from Wagner Hardware in Bellaire.
A close up

 I love this piece. The NL Design Table is made from reclaimed pine (from a Houston Heights home) and reclaimed steel (from a construction site dumpster).

 This Substantial Slab Bench is beautiful! The hand burnished flame finish and polished surface is so different and gorgeous.
A close up
DT Bar Table and Stools made from Steel and Reclaimed Cedar.

Alcove Beds!!

There is something very cozy looking about alcove beds. They are like your own little protected, comfy cave. Great for kids sleeping spaces too. And there are so many inspiring pictures for creating your own alcove bed space!

So lovely
(photo from Shelterness)
I love the storage space underneath!
(photo from Folio via Desire to Inspire)
Alcove Bunk Beds! Brilliant!
(photo from Sunset via Desire to Inspire)
LOTS of prints going on in here.
(photo from Enpundit)
Pure awesome!
(photo found via Pinterest)
So simple and beautiful.
(photo from Enpundit)
Love this
(photo from Architect Design)
Bright and colorful!
(photo from Houzz)

What’s In Store!!

Just wanted to share a few snapshots that I took in-store today. Lots of little odds and ends.

 Passport Nesting Tables, Diamond, Heart, Club and Spade Poufs, Lucky 7 Tables (top shelf), Gypsy Pillows (hanging from the ceiling)

 Cotton Gudari Patchwork Bedcover (hanging on the left), Silk Kanta Patchwork Ottomans (on the shelf in the middle), Metal Letters

 Rustic Wood Horse Head

 Various Pendants and Barstoos

Cypress Pendant Lanterns, Antique Gold Mirror, Kirabo Console Table, Melina Bed

More Trees and Counting!

 (photo courtesy of Earth Day Network)

Thanks to all our customers for joining High Fashion Home and the Arbor Day Foundation to help save our planet.  For every piece of furniture sold at High Fashion Home, one tree will be planted through the Arbor Day Foundation.  As of June 30, 2012, High Fashion Home and the Arbor Day Foundation have planted 36,601 trees.  

Here are some of the benefits one tree can make for years to come:

  • One tree can absorb more than a ton of carbon dioxide
  • Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can control $31,500 of soil erosion.
  • Trees help maintain clean water supplies.
  • One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen a year.

The trees planted through the Arbor Day Foundation will help produce 9,516,260 pounds of oxygen in the next year.  Thanks to all of our wonderful customers for helping the world breath a little bit easier.