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Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Festival of Lights!

I saw this today on Inhabitat. Atlanta Botanical Gardens collaborated with Lighting Science Group and CD + M Lighting and Design Group to create this LED topiary light display. The lights are synchronized with music. It’s so beautiful and so different…. I bet we see more of this next year!
(photos from Inhabitat, Pegasus Lighting and My Atlanta Mommy)

Printable Gift Tags!!

I was browsing the blog, More Design Please, and saw their post featuring all kinds of printable gift tags. If that’s the one thing you have forgotten this year, here you go! They are all so cute and most of them are free!

 LOVE these free tags from eat drink chic!
 Love these from My Girl Thursday. You visit her blog and print away!
The tags from Mayi Carles are so sweet! Visit her Etsy shop and buy the digital product.
Download these adorable tags for free from The Black Apple!!
Another free one from Love vs. Design!
Love these feathers from Love vs. Design!
I love the purple and gold tags from The Sweetest Occasion!

What’s Your Favorite Room: Southern Comfort or Next Stop, Luxury?

The classic dilemma for most High Fashion Home customers, which item should I buy? We need your help to settle the debate. To vote, just root for your favorite below, by posting a comment on their side. The side with the most comments wins and you’re also entered to win a $200 gift certificate. Winner will be selected on January 3rd! Click Here to enter.

Southern Comfort

Next Stop, Luxury

Louboutin’s Retreat!

I came across Christian Louboutin‘s Egyptian getaway via Elle Decor. This retreat is not at all what you would expect from the man behind the glitzy, glamorous stilettos we see everywhere but this is where he goes to unwind, to think, to create. It is very minimally furnished and I can feel the peace from the photos. Deep breath, relax.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

The man himself.

Christmas Decorations!!!

Alright folks! It’s crunch time, time to get serious…. about Christmas decorations that is. If you are anything like me, having your house decorated for the holidays just adds to being in the Holiday Spirit. Here are some ideas if you need some decorating inspiration.

I absolutely love using pine cones for Christmas decorating! You can use them like this, put a bunch in a pretty basket or even get crafty and glitter ’em up! Some stores even sell bags of pine cones that are cinnamon scented. 
So festive! All the red, hanging stars and snowflakes. Love it!
(photo from Bibelot)
Such a wonderful idea for displaying Christmas cards!
(photo from Martha Stewart)
So beautiful.
(photo from Pinterest)
Decorative Christmas balls or ornaments in tall vases, bowls or fancy martini glasses are an easy but very fabulous decorating idea!
(photo from archinhome)
 Snowflake Curtain? Yes, please!
(photo from Bugs and Fishes)
 I just love this. So simple and so adorable!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Group and hang ornaments and balls from a chandelier!
(photo from Pinterest)

Flash Sale, Get It While It Last.

Once again we have created a Flash Sale for all those that have been good this year. Four Hands has been so kind to let us offer you amazing savings for the holidays. There are many great items to add to your home from the dining room, all the way to the bedroom. You will not want to miss out because our Four Hands Flash Sale will end December 12th so hurry up and get your items today!